“We chose exclusively to move our excess freight and find loads for our trucks because of the ease of doing business with the company and mostly because of the low-cost, high-value products and services that offers.”
TSH (Tennessee Steel Haulers)
“It is vital to our business. Without I would have a difficult time finding back haul loads for my driver. I appreciate the fact that only reputable brokers are on the IT board. And if a broker is not reputable, once a complaint has been submitted with IT that broker’s posts are no longer allowed with IT. I know I can trust the postings from IT.”
Kathryn Polidore
Frog Freight
“So many times I’ve seen owner-operators try to make the transition to independent and crash and burn. The back-office stuff is just too much to try and do while you’re running a profitable business, and in the last couple of years I’ve watched bring out the technology that can do that for them. This technology can give that small owner operator the same advantage right in his cab that the big carriers have had for a long time.”
Kevin Rutherford
Let’s Truck
“If a load pops up on the Load Board and I know it’s a hot lane that I need for my drivers, I usually have less than one minute to call the broker before it’s covered. If I had to refresh, it would be gone instantly. With’s Load Board Pro, I call right away and get the load because I see it posted in real time. It’s important that I’m the first…the market is so competitive right now.”
Mel Pink
Jackson Moving & Storage Inc.
“I have been using ITS Dispatch, and it saves me over 700 hours per year. It’s easy to use, accurate, and always there, up and running. No down time. I highly recommend this software!”
Huneycut Trucking Inc.
“My experience with has been great…it is my go-to load board for finding loads!”
Kim Boring
Boring and Blessed Transportation


“My forever message to You are awesome, you are innovative, and the products you are bringing to the market (Load Tracking, Trans4Cast, Broker Bonds, Pay) are great. Truckstop is hands-down the leader in the load matching market. And not just the leader – the terrifying 800-lb gorilla. Please tread lightly. How you price and deliver your products can easily tilt the playing field. Please remain awesome.”

Joe Sanders
Freight Engineers

Software Reviews

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“’s products are easy to use and train on with instant access to training videos & help tutorials. This is a major help when training our team, not only in the office, but at our terminals and agent offices. One of the biggest assets on the load board side is the large carrier audience we are able to reach. This allows us to have a high carrier engagement, thus moving our loads faster on reliable carriers.”

Lizzy Ward, Principle Logistics Group

“System is easy to use and customizable. I can choose only the modules that are pertinent to my company. I am also able to add or delete modules as needed for the current business situation.”

Tina Wild, Dream Transportation


“Truckstop Load board is very user friendly, We use several load boards but this one is the most user friendly and easiest to Navigate. As far as loads Truckstop seems to have just about the same amount of loads as the other big load board.”

Nancy Loner, Buffalo Mill Logistics

“Very easy to use, great amount of loads, and price is why I chose to use Truckstop. We also use other load boards, but as far as ease of use and price truckstop wins.”

William Loner, Long Creek Logistics

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