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Make money as an owner operator.
Truckstop Partner Marketplace November Roundup

In November the Truckstop Partner Marketplace added 5 new partners in just the first week! The total number of partners before the Thanksgiving holiday was at 87. In just 5 months the Truckstop Partner Marketplace, a curated list of trusted and vetted partner related solutions, has become a very robust rolodex. We are excited to

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Make money as an owner operator.
6 Ways Freight Brokers Can Find Quality Loads

As a broker, you make money by connecting shippers with carriers. The more connections you make, the better your margins will be. The market is huge. Freight brokerages and agencies are expected to account for $98.8 billion in 2022. This year, the broker business is forecasted to end the year with 6.6% growth. It’s a

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Make money as an owner operator.
5 Tips for Managing Paperwork as an Owner-Operator in the Trucking Industry

When you decided to start your career as an owner-operator in the trucking industry, you probably didn’t envision hours and hours of paperwork. But the truth is that as a business owner, you can’t avoid all paperwork. Especially when you want to get paid, submitting paperwork (invoicing) efficiently is important.  At Truckstop, we are committed

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Make money as an owner operator.
10 Benefits of Using a LTL Freight Broker

Less than truckload freight (LTL) is a good way for carriers to fill trailers with multiple stops in a single area that make their loads more worthwhile and profitable. However, finding these loads takes a certain amount of work, and doing it quickly and efficiently is vital to a carrier’s success. That’s where an LTL

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Make money as an owner operator.
How to Find the Highest Paying Truck Loads

Trucking is a tough job. The highways are crowded, fuel costs are climbing, overheads are high, and every mile under your wheels comes with a hefty bill both in time and money. All truckers work hard, but these days it’s essential to work smarter, too. Want to find the highest paying truck loads? Read on. 

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Make money as an owner operator.
A Broker’s Guide: How to Automate Carrier Onboarding and Monitoring

In the broker industry, carriers are more than the people who move products safely on a deadline. As part of your transportation team, they’re also an extension of the services you, as the broker, provide to your customers. An honest, trustworthy, qualified carrier can help you maintain your reputation among shippers and grow your business.

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Make money as an owner operator.
Do you have what it takes to become a freight broker?

Are you considering becoming a freight broker, or are you currently setting up your own brokerage business? Freight brokering is often a natural career step for many supply chain professionals; but to make a successful transition or set up a profitable business, it’s important to understand what a freight broker does and how they operate.

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Make money as an owner operator.
What Carriers Should Know About Load-to-Truck Ratios

The load-to-truck ratio, also known as the truck-to-load ratio, is an important metric that can help you determine the profitability of different routes and negotiate the highest rates. But exactly what does load-to-truck ratio mean, how can you calculate it, and what are the best ways to use it? In this post, we’ll cover everything

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Make money as an owner operator.
DOT Reporting Requirements for Freight Brokers

As a broker, you want to get your loads booked quickly and keep the cash flowing. At the same time, you need to make sure you’re using qualified carriers that take safety seriously to protect your shippers, your business, and your reputation. Department of Transportation (DOT) reporting can help you keep track of carrier safety

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Make money as an owner operator.
5 Best Places for Truckers to Get Thanksgiving Dinner in 2022

If you’re going to be one of many truck drivers braving snow, ice, and/or traffic this Thanksgiving and would still like to have a turkey dinner, check out this list of restaurants and truck stops open on Thursday, Nov. 22.

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Make money as an owner operator.
Freight Broker Business Plan

As the name implies, a freight broker business is the link between freight shippers and carriers. As a freight broker, you will receive requests from companies that need goods shipped and match them to carriers for transport. But how do you make that happen? How do you take your freight broker business from an idea

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Make money as an owner operator.
How to Get Your Trucking Authority (6-Step Process)

Make the Switch to Being Your Own Boss Getting your trucking authority to start your own trucking business can be downright intimidating. With so much conflicting information available on the internet, it’s hard to keep track of all the steps you need to follow. Getting your own authority requires startup cash, attention to detail, and

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