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Make money as an owner operator.
Is the Trucking Business Slowing or Growing?

The past two years have been anything but ordinary, and industries of all types have experienced seismic shifts in how they do business. The trucking market is no exception. But exactly how has it been affected? Is the trucking business slow (or even in a downturn) right now, or is it growing? And why is

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Make money as an owner operator.
Truckstop.com launches Truckstop.com Partner Marketplace: Your comprehensive source for transportation and logistics needs

Truckstop.com is excited to announce the launch of the new Truckstop.com Partner Marketplace. This comprehensive transportation and logistics marketplace provides a hand-picked selection of products, solutions, and integrations designed to help carriers, brokers and shippers move their businesses forward. The Truckstop.com Partner Marketplace includes industry and technology partners in several business categories including financial services,

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Make money as an owner operator.
3PL vs. 4PL Logistics: Which is the Right Fit for Your Business?

If you’re a shipper looking for help with logistics, you might wonder about the advantages and disadvantages of 3PL vs. 4PL providers. Or, you might wonder what a PL is in the first place and why you would need one. PL stands for party logistics. A 3PL logistics company offers third-party logistics, while 4PL companies

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Make money as an owner operator.
A Shipper’s Guide to Temperature Controlled Shipping

The refrigerated goods transportation market is one of the fastest-growing areas in shipping. The global market for refrigerated shipping goods is expected to grow from 2021’s $56 billion to $62.4 billion in 2022, with demand increasing by as much as 11.5%. While flatbeds tend to have the highest load-to-truck ratios, refrigerated trucks generally have steady

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Make money as an owner operator.
11 Bookkeeping Tips for Truckers: The Basics

Simplify bookkeeping tasks by following six simple practices.

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Make money as an owner operator.
7 Ways to Build a Larger Freight Broker Book of Business

No matter how well you operate your freight brokerage business, you should expect that there will be turnover. Shippers and trucking companies go out of business. Independent owner operators retire. Customers switch to other brokers. And, it’s a competitive business. With average margins below 15%, there’s a lot of competition for customers. All of this

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Make money as an owner operator.
7 Reasons to Become a Truck Driver or Owner-Operator

Owning and driving a truck might be a great professional fit for you. Here are 5 reasons to consider becoming an owner-operator as your next career move.

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Make money as an owner operator.
IFTA Audits: A Survival Guide for Truckers

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is an agreement between the Lower 48 states and 10 provinces in Canada. It allows motor carriers to report and pay fuel taxes to their base state, where the truck is registered, rather than dealing separately with each locale. Your base state then distributes the payments to all the

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Make money as an owner operator.
IFTA Reporting: Everything You Need to Know

You are probably already aware that there is a fuel tax for truckers. But what is IFTA fuel tax reporting, and how does it work? Let’s look at the IFTA reporting requirements, who needs to report, and what you need to do to stay compliant. Here is everything you need to know about reporting fuel

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Make money as an owner operator.
7 Best Freight Broker Software Tools for 2022

To manage the fast-paced business of matching carriers and shippers, choosing the right freight broker software is essential for your success as a broker. Especially if you’re just starting, you might think an off-the-shelf accounting package or generic transportation management software will do the job. But freight brokers need specialized solutions that help manage carrier

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5 Steps to Become a Freight Broker in California

Brokers serve as an intermediary between two parties. In the transportation arena, a freight broker connects shippers and carriers to move goods from one place to another, such as from warehouse to store. It’s a lucrative field, but we need more brokers to serve the industry. If you live in the Golden State, here’s how

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Make money as an owner operator.
What is Hot Shot Trucking?

Hot shot trucking (AKA hotshot trucking) involves hauling smaller, more time-sensitive LTL loads (less than truckload) within a specific timeframe and usually to a single customer or location. Hot shot loads are usually delivered using medium-duty trucks that pull flatbed trailers. Hot shot truck requirements vary. Some hot shots need to be delivered a short

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