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Top 19 Apps for Truckers

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On the road, your smartphone is one of your most helpful tools. From navigation, lodging, parking, and even your health, you have a wealth of information available—right at your fingertips. But with so many trucking apps to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. 

We have compiled a list of the best apps for truck drivers to help run your business and prioritize your quality of life.

1. Truckstop Go

Truckstop Go™ is the fastest and most effective way to find loads in the right lane, at the right rate. 

Post your equipment to let fully vetted shippers and brokers find you, or choose from nearly one million loads posted daily. 

You can also instantly see posted loads, swipe to compare, block a broker you don’t want to work with, and even get daily rate data that puts you in the driver’s seat for negotiations.

Key features:

  • Filter by equipment type and lane
  • Swipe to compare similar loads
  • Use decision tools to help you negotiate rates
  • Book loads instantly with Book It Now feature, even outside business hours
  • See in-depth broker info, including credit history and days to pay

Pricing: Free with load board subscription; App Store or Google Play

2. AllStays Truck & Travel

The user-friendly AllStays Truck & Travel app is made in the USA and has over 35,000 data points to help truck drivers find resources. It’s regularly updated with new information based on driver requests and comments.

The app helps you find what you need along your route—quickly. Customize your preferences to locate truck stops, weigh stations, rest areas, truck ramps, Walmart stores, and safe (and legal) truck parking.

AllStays lets you compare hotels, even when you’re looking for a room at the last minute, and filter by hotel chain and price to get the best deal. You can also narrow your truck stop search by filtering for laundry facilities, a shower, a dump station, road service, and even nearby truck dealers for a specific location. 

Key features:

  • Advanced filtering options
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Search by map or satellite view
  • One-touch calling for any listed business
  • Manual lookup by city and state
  • Brand filtering for hotels, ATMs, food, and more

Pricing: $9.99 one-time fee; App Store

3. Audiobooks.com

The Audiobooks app offers over 375,000 book titles, with 10,000 of them completely free. You can download titles to listen to on the road, regardless of whether you have a cell signal or WiFi. They also have curated suggestions to help you choose your next listen.

The app offers both free and paid memberships. By upgrading your subscription to VIP, you get a free title monthly from the VIP selection. 

Key features:

  • Thousands of titles
  • Entire books, not abridged versions
  • Podcasts also available
  • Download in advance to listen while driving through dead zones
  • Family sharing options
  • Audiobook clubs for binge listeners
  • Cancel anytime

Pricing: Free, in-app purchases; App Store or Google Play

4. Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Diet and exercise is a huge concern for professional truck drivers since they sit behind the wheel most of the day (and night!). 

Calorie Counter tracks your diet and exercise to help you stay healthy on the road and meet your weight loss goals. It offers nutritional information for a variety of foods, including restaurant options. You can also track your daily progress in food and exercise diaries to keep yourself accountable and monitor your progress.

Key features:

  • Image recognition — snap a photo of the product to find nutritional data
  • Weight tracker
  • Healthy recipe options
  • Reminders to weigh in, eat, and journal
  • Food and exercise diaries
  • Health challenges
  • Supportive community, including professionals

Pricing: Free, in-app purchases; App Store or Google Play

5. Dock411

Dock 411 provides important dock information to keep your stops efficient. The app lets you see hours of operation, loading times, yard hazards, backing situations, and pallet restrictions. It even shows images, videos, or satellite views of the dock so you know what to expect before you arrive. 

You can also access facility profiles that show amenities available at the dock to save you time and money.

Key features:

  • Built-in review system to allow truckers to leave feedback and rate facilities
  • Display for weather delays or other emergencies
  • Transportation app integration
  • Details on wait times, weight limits, overnight parking, and loading or unloading procedures

Pricing: Free; App Store or Google Play

6. Drivewyze

Drivewyze helps you navigate the road, and your business. It eliminates the need for a transponder with it’s ability to identify bypass opportunities at 847 fixed weigh stations and mobile inspection sites to keep you moving. 

You can automatically send weigh station bypass requests in participating states. Once you get a notification to bypass or pull in, the app resets so you’re ready for the next weigh station or inspection site.

Key features:

  • Weigh station and inspection site detection
  • Automated bypass requests
  • Notifications when you’re near an inspection site or weigh station
  • Auto-reset
  • Compatible with ELD solutions you already have
  • Available for U.S. only or U.S. plus Ontario

Pricing: Free for 30 days, then $24.49/month (the U.S. only) or $31.99/month (U.S. and Ontario); App Store or Google Play

7. iExit Trucks

iExit uses your location to help you find truck-friendly exits and businesses across the United States. 

You can see fuel prices, weigh stations, repair centers, truck parking, etc. It categorizes options by exit to let you see what’s accessible, all in one place. 

Key features:

  • Displays truck-friendly exits
  • Partners with GasBuddy/OPIS to show daily diesel prices
  • Automatically switches to On Highway mode to show upcoming exits
  • Personalize your preferences with account creation

Pricing: Free; App Store

8. Trucker’s Slide Calc

This easy-to-use app tells you how to set your trailer axles. Enter your axle weights, and the app’s algorithm will let you know which holes to use. It then estimates the new axle weights based on the new settings.

Key features:

  • Advises on how to set your axles
  • Calculates new axle weights
  • Tries to balance all axles
  • Prioritizes legality over balance
  • If legal limits are impossible to obtain with axle settings, it places excess weight on drive axles, making it easy to become compliant by removing excess fuel

Pricing: Free, in-app purchases; App Store or Google Play

9. NOAA Weather Radar

NOAA Weather Radar is an easy-to-use weather app that tracks real-time conditions on your phone to plan for severe storms. 

Get push notifications whenever an alert is issued. You can also customize weather reports to quickly get the information you need.

Key features:

  • Official weather information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA)
  • Push alerts for severe weather
  • Detailed ten-day forecasts to help plan ahead
  • Create a customized list of places you drive through frequently for easy accessibility
  • Share functions to keep family, friends, and other drivers updated

Pricing: Free, in-app purchases; App Store or Google Play

10. Waze

A top navigation app that draws on contributions from more than 140 million drivers, Waze uses your location to instantly update traffic changes. This includes road construction and accidents with detour instructions. Waze automatically directs you to the most efficient route based on real-time data. 

Key features:

  • Instant route adjustments 
  • Speed alerts for safe driving and to avoid tickets
  • Connect to music or audio apps that can be controlled in Waze
  • Toll alerts
  • Finds to the cheapest gas options on your route
  • Real–time traffic alerts to help you avoid delays

Pricing: Free; App Store or Google Play

11. Weather Channel

The full-service weather app from The Weather Channel provides forecasts up to 15 days in advance. 

You can also get severe weather alerts and see the conditions easily for your current or upcoming locations. View weather radar, track storms, and even get forecasts for pollen, sunset times, and more.

Key features:

  • 15-day forecasts
  • Local weather alerts for your current location
  • Rain and snow trackers
  • Radar updates, three-hour forecasts, and severe weather alerts 
  • Live coverage of severe weather events

Pricing: Free, or $1.99/month for ad-free version; App Store or Google Play

12. Spotify

Spotify offers millions of songs, podcasts, and audiobooks, all in one place, for those long hours on the road.

Listen to your favorites or discover new music based on decade, genre, or location. You can also create and share your playlists or listen to existing ones. 

Key features:

  • Music, podcasts, and audiobooks accessible on one app
  • Build playlists and share with friends
  • Subscribe to your favorite podcast so you never miss an episode
  • Download music, podcasts, or audiobooks in advance to access without cell or WiFi service
  • Connect your preferences across your devices for easy access when not on the road

Pricing: Free for basic, or $9.99/month for Premium; App Store or Google Play

13. Weigh My Truck

Weigh My Truck lets you create an account to store your truck and trailer details. Then you can pay the weigh, right from the app. It also keeps a record of your weighs with CAT Scale weigh tickets.

You can weigh your truck, pay with your smartphone, and have your scale tickets sent by PDF to five different email addresses. If you need a hard copy, you can pick it up inside the station up to an hour after you weigh.

Key features:

  • Weigh, pay, and get your tickets from your smartphone without leaving your truck
  • Online account history
  • PDF scale tickets
  • Control your account and payment from the app
  • Detects reweight eligibility automatically

Pricing: Free; App Store or Google Play

14. GasBuddy

GasBuddy helps you find the best prices on fuel across the country. With access to more than 150,000 fuel stations, you can filter by deals, distance, brands, and amenities.  

The app also relies on driver feedback for the most current pricing or an upcoming spike in fuel costs, to help you save as much at the pump as possible. 

Key features:  

  • Price accuracy feedback in real-time
  • Details on fuel stops like shower facilities and food options
  • Log gas use that can be exported for reimbursement or taxes
  • Monitor driving habits and offers tips to use less gas
  • Fuel rewards and loyalty card options

Pricing: Free; App Store or Google Play 

15. Transflo Mobile+

Transflo Mobile+ is a completed scanning solution that helps you send, track, and receive documents, on-the-go. The app provides additional perks that help you stay in communication with brokers and ensure all your documentation is submitted so you can maximize profitability.

Key features:

  • Direct two-way communication between carriers and brokers
  • Accident and OS&D submission
  • Load review and acceptance 
  • Advanced weigh station bypass options using geo-fencing technology

Pricing: Free; App Store or Google Play

16. Pilot Flying J myRewards Plus

The Pilot Flying J myRewards Plus app is made especially for truck drivers. Drivers can earn an average of $37 per month with the tiered rewards program, putting more money in your pocket. Rewards points can also be used to earn free showers, drinks, or other store items.

The app also goes beyond just fuel and convenience store options with navigation tools, mobile fueling, receipt tracking, shower reservations, and advanced parking reservations. 

Key features:

  • Trip Planner for traffic updates and fuel options and amenities along the way
  • Advanced shower reservations and availability notifications
  • Real-time parking visibility and advanced reservation services
  • Loyalty rewards program with redeemable points for purchases
  • Touchless payment and digital receipt tracking
  • Special rewards during National Truck Driver Appreciation exclusive for app holders

Pricing: Free; App Store or Google Play

17. BigRoad ELD

Keep all your logging and reporting documents in one convenient place with BigRoad. This FMCSA certified app comes with pre-loaded rules and exemptions to make logging easy and convenient. 

You can track hours of service easily and edit logs to comply with regulations. It also shows precise drive time with notifications for end of drive, shift, and cycle to avoid miscalculation.

Key features:

  • Notifications for errors or violations to keep drivers in compliance and avoid fines
  • Keep records of logs and vehicle inspection reports to easily sent to fleet managers
  • Compliant ELD details to create effortless driver inspector reports (DVIRs)
  • In-app chat feature to stay connected with management and other fleet drivers

Pricing: Free; App Store or Google Play

18. Rolling Strong

With Rolling Strong, maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the road is easier. The app is designed to help educate truck drivers on ways to improve hydration, nutrition, fitness, wellbeing, and sleep. You can sync to a fitness device to log details automatically.

The app is completely customizable to your goals and your schedule, helping you achieve optimal health and wellness. It also let’s you track your health report and set medical exam reminders to keep you on track.

Key features:

  • Workout routines designed specifically for truck drivers
  • Customized meal plans and meal suggestions for popular restaurants across the country
  • Health assessments to help identify health patterns and risks
  • DOT readiness quiz and health assessment
  • Corporate accounts with company sponsored competitions

Pricing: Free, in-app purchases; App Store and Google Play

19.Trucker Path

TruckerPath is a one-stop-shop for all the details a trucker needs. The app lets you search truck stops, weight stations, parking, fuel stops, truck washes, Walmarts, and more—all with real-time updates.

The app offers it’s own navigation system that helps you plan your trips on routes that are truck accessible and avoid low bridges. It also logs your trips so you can easily recall those details for future hauls.

Key features:

  • Route plans specifically for your truck height, width, weight and type
  • Real-time truck parking availability and parking history
  • Truck-specific GPS navigation directions to plan optimal routes
  • Find and compare fuel prices

  Pricing: Free; App Store or Google Play

Mobilize your operations with Truckstop Go

Mobile apps are an excellent way to increase efficiencies on the road. 

To get all the load board information you need in the palm of your hands, download Truckstop Go and find high-paying loads, negotiate the best rates, and keep your truck moving. 

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