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Spot Market Insights

Big data for your bottom line.

Stay ahead of the competition. Maximize
your profits.

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Comprehensive data meets powerful analysis.

Truckstop plus FTR transportation intellegence

Trusted names make trusted partners. Spot Market Insights is powered by Truckstop (the Web’s leading freight matching marketplace) and FTR (the only company with a complete freight data set for all modes of transportation). Together, Truckstop and FTR have partnered to break down big transportation data into an authoritative yet easy-to-read report.

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The trucking industry’s weekly
wellness report.

Let trusted data drive your business decisions.

Weekly predictions and capacity

Contractual spot market pressure predicts freight volumes, capacity, and rates.

Equipment and lane data

Get equipment-specific regional rates, truck/load availability, searching, and turnaround.

Trusted names, trusted partners

Get accurate, timely, week-over-week analytics of the current market and historical trending.