Factoring for Carriers

Get cash when you need it.

No minimums, flat fees, and non-recourse. So you can focus on the road, without worrying about cash flow.

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You trust Truckstop.com to find your loads. Now use us to get paid.

Flat Rate

Fair and flat rates, so you know what to expect.

Non-recourse Factoring

Truckstop.com assumes the risk of Broker non-payment. You still get paid if the broker is unable to pay due to credit insolvency.

No Setup fees

Free to apply. No hidden fees, ever.

Flexible Cancellation

Don’t get stuck in an agreement that doesn’t work for you.

Same-Day Pay

Get the money you need the same day upon invoice verification.

Friendly customer service and sales reps


No minimums

No minimum volume requirements

Full service Billing

We invoice the broker, so you don’t have to.

Quick application turnaround

We’ll get you up and running, so you can get paid quickly. Apply today!

How factoring works.

Once you’ve booked and moved your freight, factoring allows you to get paid on the invoice right away. In exchange for a low, flat fee, you receive payment on the invoice as soon as the same-day. No need to wait up to 30 days to get paid.



You haul a load.


Submit your paperwork to us.

(instead of your broker)



We pay you right away.


Your broker pays
us in 15-30+ days.

Stay organized with the factoring app.

  • Factor your loads on the go
  • Easily apply for advances
  • Get instant Broker credit checks
  • View your paid and unpaid load history
  • Scan your paperwork any time, any place

Addresses for paperwork

Please send payment to:

Truckstop Factoring
P.O. Box 561280
Denver, CO 80256-1280

All other correspondence including any original paperwork requested should be sent to:

Truckstop Factoring
P.O. Box 70
New Plymouth, ID 83655

Physical Address:
222 N Plymouth Ave.
New Plymouth, ID 83655

Let’s talk factoring.

Call us at 1-888-777-5543, or fill out the form below.

Essentially, they’re the same. Both offer the benefit of getting paid faster. The benefit of factoring over quick pay is that you will be able to factor every load at a flat rate, no matter the amount (as long as the Broker is approved). With quick pay, you have more flexibility of which loads you would like to factor but will typically pay a different rate depending on the Broker. Plus, not all Brokers have a quick pay program available. To get consistent cash flow, factoring is the better choice because you know exactly when you’ll get paid and at what rate.

Truckstop.com Factoring charges a low, flat rate with zero added fees or reserve account requirements. We also offer free Broker credit checks and a mobile app to help you manage your payments on the go.

No, there is no minimum amount you need to factor.

Non-recourse means that Truckstop.com Factoring will assume the credit risk and bad debt for all invoices that are hauled by approved Brokers and Shippers. Should the Broker or Shipper be unable to pay an invoice due to bankruptcy or going out of business, Truckstop.com Factoring will be responsible for the collection of those invoices.

Yes, you can factor with every Broker you work with as long as they are approved. Here are four ways to check:

  1. Log in through the Truckstop.com Factoring website and click on the “Factorable” link. Enter the Broker or Shipper’s MC or name, click enter, and then select from the list provided. This page will show whether they are approved.
  2. Download our free mobile app for Apple or Android. Once you have logged in, click on the credit check link and enter the Broker’s or Shipper’s information.
  3. Email FactoringSupport@truckstop.com with the Broker or Shippers’ name and MC number. Our team will respond within one business day.
  4. Talk to one of our factoring experts at 1-888-777-5543. Business hours are Monday through Friday, 6am-5pm MT, except banking holidays.

Factoring Support

To talk to one of our factoring experts
call 1-888-777-5543 or email us at FactoringSupport@truckstop.com.

All Truckstop Factoring services are provided through Internet Truckstop Payments LLC, a division of Truckstop.com.
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