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We go way beyond the basic load board to make your job easier at every turn. From negotiating rates to finding routes, from managing paperwork to monitoring partners, from IFTA reporting to instant load-booking, look to our load board for easy handling of all your needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in a load board subscription with all the bells and whistles might seem like a luxury, but many of those bells and whistles are the very features and tools that help you save time, get high-quality loads, and make smart decisions—which all lead to making more money.

While a free load board might be tempting, it’s like anything else: you get what you pay for. In general, free load boards don’t compare, as they often turn up low-paying loads, the technology is clunky, hard to use, and out of date. Also, free load boards are not carefully monitored to protect users against fraud, scammers, and bad data. Using a free load board presents a set of risks most carriers can’t afford to take.

Book It Now, the instant load booking feature of Truckstop.com Load Board Pro and Premium, puts your freight where the action is, in front of the highest volume of vetted carriers all in one place, the industry’s most trusted marketplace.

Book It Now easily integrates into your existing workflow and speeds up the booking process for brokers and carriers alike by reducing time-consuming phone calls, emails, and negotiations. Your preferred carriers see your loads and all load details, including rates, and can book a load in a few fast clicks.

  • You control which carriers view and book your loads.
  • Carriers can book your loads outside your business hours.
  • Reach more qualified carriers and grow your network.

Look for a load board that posts a high volume of loads of all varieties of equipment all in one place. You shouldn’t have to use multiple load board or apps to find what you need. Also, it’s critical to any shipping business to have current and accurate rate trend information. The shipping business is a highly competitive industry, and you’ll want to make sure you are negotiating reasonable rates and striking the right balance between finding capacity, earning a profit, and keeping your transportation partners happy.

The right load board for shippers provides robust rates tools, plus tools that uncover hidden capacity, and more.

Not only are load boards worth it, but they’re absolutely critical in today’s digital freight-matching world. Innovative technology drives speed and efficiency so you can successfully compete for the best loads, get the going rate necessary to make a profit, and manage it all with ease. The time-savings alone means you can book more loads and make more money. Most load boards subscriptions pay for themselves in just one good load. Just remember, not all load boards are created equal. Make sure you do your homework and compare apples to apples to get the right load board for you. The Truckstop.com Load Board eliminates the time-consuming hassle of going from one load board to another or back and forth between apps to find loads. You get all you need in one single source and one easy-to-use tool.