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Say goodbye to endless paperwork. ITS Dispatch is the must-have technology for managing loads, IFTA, payroll, and more… all in one place.

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See an average of 12% more profit with our powerful TMS.

TMS for Carriers

The average ITS Dispatch customer:

  • Processes 31% More Loads
  • Produces 16% Growth
  • Saves 18 Hours Per Week
  • Sees 12% More Profit
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TMS Carrier Pro

(Unlimited Trucks)
Unlimited users
Our carrier package with additional tools proven to help grow and organize your business, including unlimited load tracking, IFTA reporting, file storage, sales management tools and much more.
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(Unlimited Trucks)
Unlimited users
Easily manage your business with the market’s leading all-in-one solution for carriers running 3 or more trucks.
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Owner Operator

(1-2 Trucks)
Unlimited users
The perfect tool for any owner operator, this package saves you time & money, organizes your business, & automates IFTA reporting.
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Carrier Pro Carrier Owner Operator
FREE unlimited users checkbox checkbox checkbox
Unlimited trucks checkbox checkbox
Create invoices with a single click checkbox checkbox checkbox
Automate your IFTA reporting * checkbox checkbox
Create driver settlements checkbox checkbox checkbox
Easy load confirmations checkbox checkbox checkbox
Quickly create BOLs checkbox checkbox checkbox
Send detailed customer rate agreements checkbox checkbox checkbox
Integrate seamlessly with Quickbooks checkbox checkbox checkbox
Email load sheets directly from system checkbox checkbox checkbox
Get detailed reporting and statistics checkbox checkbox checkbox
Use your own logo on all your documents checkbox checkbox checkbox
Unlimited load tracking checkbox
Digital file storage for documents checkbox
Preventative maintenance checkbox
Driver Messaging checkbox
Sales management tools checkbox
Private labelling checkbox
Dual Authority (Unlimited Trucks)
Unlimited users

The perfect solution for the larger carrier or business that runs both as a carrier & brokerage.

* $5 per truck

The average ITS Dispatch customer

The average ITS Dispatch customer processes.
The average ITS Dispatch customer produces.
The average ITS Dispatch customer saves.
The average ITS Dispatch customer sees.

Unlimited users, unlimited potential.

Grow your business with the trusted Carrier TMS.

Get ready for a stress-free IFTA experience.

Automate your IFTA reporting with our affordable, easy-to-use IFTA software.

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Upgrades for a smoother ride.

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Sales Manager

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Driver Messaging

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Automate your IFTA reporting with our easy-to-use solution for a worry-free IFTA experience.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Save time, money, and hassle when you stay ahead of truck repairs and maintain your trucks.

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