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Cargo Insurance

PER-LOAD insurance for both LTL and
Full truckload.

$34 per load cargo insurance for brokers and shippers.

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Protect your cargo and your bottom line.

Get the insurance that puts you in the driver’s seat. Truckstop.com Cargo Insurance standardizes cargo coverage and puts claims control back in your hands. Get hassle-free coverage in just minutes, with claims processed in 30 days or less.

Best price

Pay just $34 per load for "all-risk” coverage.

Fast claims

Enjoy a quick process and speedy resolution.

First-party position

Sidestep cargo claims hassles.

First-dollar coverage

It’s not Spike, Excess, or GAP, so it won’t add to carrier coverage limit.

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Report a claim

Purchase cargo coverage in your TMS.

Purchase per-load “All-Risk” shipper’s interest cargo coverage, right within your own TMS. View our list of available integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

An “All-Risk” Cargo insurance policy is the broadest form of shipping insurance and will cover any physical loss/damage from any external cause, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. This insurance will also cover things not normally covered in your trucker’s insurance policy like Acts of God, unattended vehicles, damage from strike and riot, and hijacking to name a few.

This insurance is primary and non-contributory. What does that mean? This policy will respond first on behalf of the owner of the goods in the event of a claim. Be sure to follow all the instructions given on the website when you have a claim.

Coverage begins when the trucker picks up the freight from the shipper and stops when the freight is signed for by the consignee.

Cargo insurance coverage costs $34 per-load or LTL.

An on-line receipt will generate at the time of purchase. Retrieve your Declaration of Insurance certificates when required at the secure Declaration Repository located within Cargo Insurance.