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Case study:
H&B Transport

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“I cannot run the business without Truckstop.”

The challenge

Karen and Shane Higgins launched H&B Transport out of Parma, Idaho, in 2011.

Husband-wife team Shane and Karen needed to start a flexible and profitable family business.

The solution

Truckstop’s Load Board provided Karen and Shane with the information, relationships, and momentum they needed to start and grow a successful trucking business. With thousands of loads and trusted brokers to choose from on Truckstop, they established regular lanes for their nine drivers to keep the cash flowing.

The results

Long-Term Business Relationships

Karen and Shane don’t worry about market changes, because they have long-term relationships with brokers they rely on to keep their drivers loaded—at fair rates.

They established these relationships on Truckstop’s Load Board.

“We found all of our brokers on Truckstop. It’s been a very valuable tool.”

More Family Time

Like most business owners, Karen and Shane strive to find time to spend with their family. allows them that flexibility.

“Truckstop has a mobile app, so I don’t have to be stuck at my desk 24/7. I can take my phone with me, and I can look for loads, post the trucks, and I can spend time with my family as I’m working. It’s very helpful. I love it.”

Happy Drivers

Loaded drivers are happy drivers. Karen and Shane keep their drivers loaded with’s Load Board.

“We try to keep our trucks loaded. As soon as the truck is loaded, I’m already working on a reload for the drivers. That keeps them happy. I usually have them booked out a week in advance.”

Verified Brokers

When they do need to work with a new broker, H&B uses to verify their rating. This helps them move their trucks faster.

“We’re very careful before we take a load from a new broker. We will check their credit, and that’s why it’s very nice in Truckstop. We can check their credit and their score. We can see what their rates have been in the past. We can use that to figure out what we need. It’s worked very well for us.”

Accelerated Business Growth

H&B now keeps nine trucks on the road and can focus on making the most money possible on each load, building long-term relationships on the way.

“Truckstop helps us find the customers that we need.”

“Truckstop has been such a valuable tool for us. We only use it 25-35% of the time to get loads now, because we got customers from the load board, and they usually give us loads before it’s even posted anymore. They call us directly.”

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