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Case study:
Mercer Transportation

Hardee Hauling

“We sell great service to our customers. The owner-operators provide that.”

– Tyler Johnston, Director of Operations

Using Truckstop data, Mercer provides customer certainty in an industry of uncertainties.

Founded in 1977, Mercer Transportation is one of the largest freight brokerages in North America, handling as many as a quarter million loads a year. Mercer attributes its success to the principle it was founded on: that owner-operators are the most important people in their operation.

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“Owner-operators define our company.”

– Tyler Johnston, Mercer

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Mercer looks to Truckstop for data that drives smart business decisions.

Machine learning and technology have catapulted the trucking industry to a higher degree of accuracy and timeliness that raises the bar for everyone. In today’s freight world, to compete and thrive, the right technology is key to improving processes and decision-making. In Mercer’s case, this means using technology that delivers top-notch data to inform predictions. And accurate predictions require a lot of data—good, clean, relevant data—at the time you need it.

“We’re no longer going by the Farmer’s Almanac. We’re using real-time information to make accurate business decisions.”

Mercer recognizes that getting high-quality data at the right time is a must-have. If you’re using bad data, old data, or inaccurate data, be prepared to get left in the dust. Mercer knows this, and that’s why they rely on Truckstop’s data-centric technology. Mercer uses Truckstop data for historical information, too, to gauge truck and market densities.

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“The quality of data we get from Truckstop is fantastic. It’s real-time, live, on-the-spot pricing.”

– Tyler Johnston, Mercer

Mercer relies on Truckstop to help keep owner-operators happy.

Committed to keeping 2,100 approved owner-operators on the road and in the money, Mercer looks to Truckstop as a strategic partner to supplement their load volume and meet the needs of every type of owner-operator, whether that driver makes $200,000 a year and drives all the time or is a retired military veteran on a pension and trucks less than 50,000 miles a year.

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What attracts Mercer to Truckstop as a strategic partner versus other load boards is the shared values of the two companies. Like Truckstop, Mercer is a place that sees and supports the independent trucker.

“We wear the success of our owner-operators on our shoulders. We need to provide owner-operators with sustainable and diverse solutions. To do that, we have to partner with the right people.”

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“Truckstop emulates the same thing Mercer does.”

– Tyler Johnston, Mercer

Trucks in a yard.

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