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case study: US 1 Network

“Since our partnership with Truckstop.com, US 1 has doubled our brokerage revenue.”

How US 1 Network went paperless and edges out the competition by using Truckstop.com’s full suite of software solutions.
Mark Chndler shaking hands.

“Our agents have been using Truckstop.com for a long time to match their business needs. They constantly refer to the product as a vital tool in their daily operations.”

US 1 Network (US 1 Industries subsidiary; Valparaiso, Indiana) was launched in 2005 in St. Augustine, Florida. They provide back-office functionality and management consulting to a wide range of transportation and logistics companies nationwide. Their services include insurance, working capital, tech support, and more. Their agent base historically focused on intermodal transportation, but now includes brokerage, flatbed, van, reefer, and shuttle. Today, US 1 Network has more than 30 employees.

customer since
revenue in 2018

The challenge

Mark Chandler, VP of Business Development for US 1 Network, is responsible for recruiting and developing new agents, as well as enhancing business operations. Old-fashioned office processes make retaining new agents and customers expensive and time-consuming. Finding products that allow for strategic and procedural efficiencies in tasks like freight matching is not easy. Companies often settle on several products to complete a job instead of an all-inclusive, single-software solution that connects information and cycles its users from one step to another.

The solution

US 1 Network’s agents have been using Truckstop.com since the beginning, but VP of Business Development Mark Chandler became more involved in 2015 after attending Connected, Truckstop.com’s user conference, which helps leaders increase efficiencies using best practices.

US 1 Network leveraged their expanded product knowledge and increased networking base from Connected to develop better office efficiencies throughout the entire freight management lifecycle. In fact, they now manage the entire freight cycle with Truckstop.com — from onboarding all the way to payment. By taking advantage of more products offered by Truckstop.com, US 1 Network was able to considerably improve their bottom line. Their revenue surpassed $150 million in 2018.

The results

Advanced Features = A Marketplace Edge

With Truckstop.com’s advanced features and all-in-one solution, US 1 Network agents are able to stay ahead in a fast-paced industry. They can respond quickly and adeptly to help their clients (intermodal agents, owner-operators, and transportation agents) increase efficiencies and boost profits. A lot of work goes into keeping America moving, and US 1 Network needs to be able to trust the software it’s using to maintain their part in the process. By taking advantage of Truckstop.com’s tools, US 1 Network can maintain their standing in the marketplace.

“In this market, we are all striving to offer a competitive product that includes ease of use and transparency. Truckstop.com helps us with tools and products that are leading the marketplace.”

“Our agents have been using Truckstop.com for a long time to match their business needs. They have constantly referred to the product as a vital tool in their daily operations.”

“Truckstop.com has floored me with their customer focus. Their products are engineered to help those on the frontlines. Additionally, they have been swift to address ideas and concerns.”

“Truckstop.com has been by my side for multiple implementations and integrations with sharp and friendly individuals.”
Simplified Payment Processing = Higher Profits

With money transfer solutions hitting smartphones and visiting banks to deposit checks becoming a thing of the past, the transportation industry was falling behind. Truck drivers and owner-operators were waiting 30-60 days for a paper check to come in the mail that they couldn’t deposit until they got off the road and emptied their mail box. On the other side, there are accounts receivable departments waiting for the right paperwork to come in so they can update accounting software, issue checks, and collect signatures. US 1 Network completely transformed how they processed carrier payments by using Pay.

“Pay has been the most fun to implement. The industry is only beginning to understand the electronic payment platform, and numerous carriers have called to get more information and left thanking me.”

“The savings are twofold. Not only is there physical savings of the old business model compared to the new (paper, checks, printing, etc.), but there is intangible savings in time management and throughout. Since our partnership with Truckstop.com, US 1 has doubled our brokerage revenue.”
Full Service Software Solution = Simplified Processes

US 1 Network agents need an efficient end-to-end experience to simplify the standard operating procedures in transportation. The features Truckstop.com offers help make that happen. The tools work together which results in users saving time — that translates to more money.

“Truckstop.com has helped us create a more efficient end-to-end experience. US 1 Network is now paperless throughout the entire freight matching process: Carrier qualification, load planning, and carrier payment. The Onboarding product allows the agent to qualify carriers over the internet and e-sign the contract. With the load booked, Pro allows the agent to track the carrier. Once the load is finished, the agent can upload the proof of delivery. The carrier gets paid electronically via Pay which provides near real-time information to the carrier on the status of their payment and allows them the flexibility of receiving their money for free or earlier than expected”

“The term freight matching versus load board is apt, but it still doesn’t encapsulate your offerings that address many industry aspects.”

The Conclusion

US 1 Network believes brokerages continue to be an avenue for growth. They’re planning to continue enhancing their agents experience by using Truckstop.com’s all-in-one, paperless solutions.

“Truckstop.com continues to develop and provide solutions which I expect we can roll out as well to offer a robust package to our agents. We may also use Truckstop.com as a marketing vehicle to promote the US 1 Network and recruit more agents.”

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