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Case study:
Jackson Moving and Storage

Jackson Moving

“If a broker sets a low rate, I have real data to back me up.”

Jackson Moving and Storage accelerates operations with Truckstop Load Board Pro.

With Truckstop’s Load Board Pro, fleet managers find and book the best loads to keep drivers happy, paid, and on the road.

Jackson Moving and Storage was founded in 2002 by Terry Jackson in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Originally a moving company, the company grew with the demands of the industry and quickly shifted from moving households to over the road trucking. There are eight trucks in the fleet, nine drivers and a fleet manager. The combined experience over the road for the nine drivers is 186 years.

The challenge

Mel Pink, fleet manager for Jackson Moving and Storage out of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, arrives at work in the morning with one top goal: to get her eight trucks filled and on the road with great-paying loads, get her drivers home, and do it all over again.

Whether she is looking for a load for her driver to return to Chippewa Falls or somewhere else, she spends her day figuring out how to make her drivers’ lives easier, so they can seamlessly move freight.

The solution

When Mel Pink became the fleet manager for Jackson Moving and Storage 2.5 years ago, she had never used Truckstop. Within two weeks, she was fully up to speed with Truckstop’s Load Board Pro tools. Now, she uses the Load Board daily to negotiate rates with brokers, ensure her drivers are paid, and book loads with brokers she trusts.

Fleet managers like Mel have several responsibilities. Revenue growth for a company like Jackson Moving and Storage depends on the efficiency and business savvy of the fleet manager. Truckstop’s Load Board Pro helps empower fleet managers like Mel to negotiate rates, work with trusted partners, and find the best loads without wasting time.

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“I am responsible for negotiating rates for my drivers, so I refer to the rates tool within Truckstop to know what the rates should be for new lanes. If a broker sets a low rate, I have real data to back me up when I say, “this is what the rate should be.”

The results

VIP Access to the Best Loads = Increased Profits

With eight trucks to manage and a goal to have nine by the end 2018, Mel needs to keep her trucks loaded so revenue keeps flowing. She doesn’t have time to call on loads that have already been covered. With instant refresh on Truckstop’s Load Board Pro, she gets first dibs on the hottest lanes. If she had to wait for a refresh on the load board, she would lose the load and waste time. Increased efficiencies ultimately increase revenues across the company.

“If a load pops up on the Truckstop Load Board and I know it’s a hot lane that I need for my drivers, I usually have less than one minute to call the broker before it’s covered. If I had to wait for a refresh, it would be gone instantly. With’s Load Board Pro, I call right away and get the load because I see it posted in real time. It’s important that I’m the first…the market is so competitive right now.”

Accurate Data = More Negotiation Power

With Truckstop’s Load Board Pro, carriers have access to robust data that increases negotiation power when searching for freight. With accurate posted, paid, and submitted rates by equipment type, carriers can better serve their drivers and company be negotiating fair rates.

“If a broker sets a low rate, I have real data to back me up when I say, “this is what the rate should be.”

Strong Broker Relationships = Enhanced Efficiency

We hear it all the time: The transportation industry is built on relationships. Mel and the team at Jackson Moving and Storage know how important relationships are to the success of their business, so they seek out tools to connect them with trusted partners. Working with trusted broker partners reduces the need for constant vetting and searching. Truckstop’s Load Board Pro has facilitated several long-term relationships with brokers who give Mel’s drivers great-paying loads on an ongoing basis.

“I have built a list of broker relationships using — so when I need a load, I call one of my contacts because I know their lanes. If I know I’m going to have a truck in Laredo, I call one of my brokers that I met through Truckstop… I know I can trust them to help me get my drivers loaded and pay on time.”

If I know I’m going to have a truck in Laredo, I call one of my brokers that I met through Truckstop’s Load Board. I know I can trust them…”

Visibility into Broker Ratings = Happier Drivers Who Get Paid on Time

With CreditStop Broker, Mel Pink and her drivers are protected. All brokers on Truckstop’s Load Board Pro are vetted and rated. CreditStop broker allows Mel to easily find broker and shipper partners to work with to ensure that her drivers get paid on time. Happy drivers who are paid on time result in less turnover for Mel and the Jackson Moving and Storage team.

“I also use Truckstop when we have late payments. If we don’t get payment within 30 days after the load paperwork is completed, we reach out to the broker. After reaching out a few times, we let them know we will be reporting the late payment to CreditStop Broker-at that point we are usually paid within a few days. Truckstop’s Load Board plays a powerful role in the resolution of these issues. Additionally, if a broker has a low score on Truckstop’s Load Board Pro, we don’t do business with them. They have to have an A rating.”

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