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Top Tips for Greasing Your 5th Wheel

Top Tips for Greasing Your 5th Wheel

Why 5th wheel lubrication practices matter  for your business  

The challenges of maintaining proper truck 5th wheel lubrication can often be overlooked. 
For truckers, greasing the 5th wheel properly is essential for performance under a variety of tough conditions. The 5th wheel connects very heavy loads to the power. 5th wheels that are not properly lubricated can result in the trailer and 5th wheel binding or creating turning problems. This, in addition to increased wear on the trailer pinion and 5th wheel jaws, can increase the chances of a rebuild of your 5th wheel, which is expensive.   
To keep costs low and make maintenance time less frustrating, you should invest in learning how to properly grease your 5th wheel.  
The 5th wheel needs two things to withstand a variety of operating conditions: the right type of lubricant, and correct application of the lubricant.  

Proper application of grease requires a trowel or tool 

Properly spread the grease two-thirds of the way up the 5th wheel. Spreading the grease with a troweltype tool ensures the 5th wheel is covered without over-greasing, which can result in grease outside the 5th wheel or on the shop floor.  

Wondering which Grease to buy? Here is a Q&A with Mystik® Lubricants to help you decide:

Q:  What grease properties ensure optimum grease retention on the 5th wheel, especially in extended service conditions? 
A:   Greases have three main components: a thickener, additives and base oil. Greases that have greater retention qualities are designed with heavier base oils.  
An example is Mystik® JT-6® SHD 460 grease which has a base oil viscosity grade of ISO 460. This grease is formulated to provide greater retention, when compared to other grease products. 
Q:  Is there one grease that will provide optimum performance on both 5th wheel and truck chasses? 
A:  Multifunctional greases are available 
Mystik JT-6 SHD 460 Synthetic Blend grease is a one-grease solution for both truck chassis and 5th wheels.  
Q:  Does the grease have package options that allows for correct re-application of the grease to the 5th wheel away from my shop or service source? 
A:   Yes, some greases allow you to do it yourself.  
Mystik JT-6 SHD 460 Synthetic Blend grease comes in a variety of packages, ranging from a drum, and cartridges, to an easy application tube.  
Q:  What qualities should I look for when choosing a better performing grease? 
A:   Wear protection and tolerance of water contamination is critical for both truck chassis and 5th wheel components. Always ask your mechanic or service provider what they recommend for your specific truck.  
Mystik JT-6 SHD grease has an extremely high load-carrying capability while providing excellent corrosion protection qualities.  Mystik JT-6 SHD is also engineered to stay in place, even in the presence of water contamination. 
In summary, proper lubrication can make the difference in the life of your 5th wheel, reducing maintenance costs and helping you decrease downtime 
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