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Shopping for load boards? Look no further than the Truckstop Load Board, the one load board carriers rely on to find the best loads, the best rates, and the best brokers.

Not all load boards are created equal. Like with anything, there are good load boards, bad load boards, and everything in between. There are even free load boards. So, how do you know which is the best load board for you?

When you get right down to it, the best load boards are the ones that help you make more money with less stress, fewer hassles, and in less time. The best load boards help you find the best paying loads faster, build a base of trusted freight brokers and shippers to partner with, and manage all aspects of your trucking business as an owner-operator with speed and ease. With the Truckstop Load Board, you get access to:

  • Quantity and quality of loads. Every single day, the Truckstop Carrier Load Board serves up hundreds of thousands of legitimate, high-quality loads, refreshed daily and in real-time. Loads of every type, for all equipment, going everywhere.
  • Vetted, verified brokers with proven track records of paying fair rates on time. In fact, Truckstop has an entire team of load board specialists dedicated to keeping fraudulent postings and brokers off the Truckstop Load Board. We also provide detailed broker information like days to pay, complaint scores from carriers, credit scores, and experience levels.
  • A comprehensive toolbox of practical solutions to the everyday challenges you face as an owner-operator. Our easy-to-use trucking technology, Truckstop Go™ mobile app, and products and services for owner-operators of all sizes go way beyond the basic load board to remove roadblocks that take too much of your time and hard-earned money. The Truckstop Load Board helps you make more money as an owner-operator.
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Everything in Basic plus tools to weed out slow-paying brokers.

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Level up your profits with tools that make it easy to make more on every load.

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  • Includes everything in Advanced, plus:
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The best load boards get down to the nitty-gritty and give you important details to make good decisions fast.

In trucking, time is money. The best load boards give you access to more information in less time and even let you book loads instantly.

It’s all about speed. It can be a mad scramble for a carrier to book a good load before the next guy (or gal) does. Especially when many truckers are all vying for the same good-paying loads with trusted brokers and shippers. You can waste too much time with phone calls and emails back and forth, only to find out the load you want has been taken.

Our Book It Now instant load booking is free to carriers who subscribe to our load board. It lets you:

  • See all load information, including rates, up front.
  • Book loads you like on the spot with just a few clicks.
  • Instantly book loads with trustworthy brokers from wherever you are, from your favorite device.
  • Book loads on your schedule, even outside broker business hours.
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The best load boards for carriers, brokers, and shippers.

When it comes to load boards, we’ve thought of everything. Whether you’re a carrier (or owner-operator), a freight broker, or a shipper, the Truckstop Load Board makes it easy to keep things rolling. Here are just a few of the benefits:


  • Find just the right high-paying loads posted in an easy-to-search format.
  • Access detailed information about brokers.
  • Book loads anytime, from anywhere.
  • Book loads instantly.
  • Compare rates for similar loads.
  • Use decision tools to strengthen your negotiations.


  • Find trusted carriers with a wide range of equipment.
  • Proactively identify carriers that match your needs, no matter how specific.
  • Access detailed carrier ratings.
  • Reduce risks through ongoing carrier monitoring.
  • Quickly onboard vetted, fully compliant carriers.


  • Track loads from start to finish.
  • Build relationships with fully vetted, trustworthy brokers and carriers.
  • Learn who you’re working with by accessing detailed information about carriers and brokers.
  • Post unlimited shipments whenever you need to get them moving.

The best load boards offer practical solutions to the everyday hassles you face as an owner-operator.

Real-time load refresh, unlimited load searches and posts, and solutions designed to drive your success. The Truckstop Load Board offers more:
  • The best load boards are more comprehensive. There’s no reason you should have to bounce around from load board to load board, website to website, to find loads and keep track of all the details. The ideal load board should be the only tool you need to see all the quality, good-paying loads you could possibly haul.
  • The top load boards are more innovative. A load board should be easy for anyone to use, even users and owner-operators who might not be accustomed to using technology. Nothing’s more frustrating than fussing with clunky tech, the very thing that’s supposed to simplify your job and make it easier. The Truckstop team of technology innovators and product designers works tirelessly to make sure the load board and other products work smoothly and with little effort. We even collaborate with real-life truckers and owner-operators to design our products with their valuable input.
  • The best load boards simply include more. From negotiating rates to finding the best routes to saving on fuel. From managing paperwork to finding trustworthy brokers. From IFTA reporting to instant load booking. You’ll find every solution you need at Truckstop to run your trucking business like a well-oiled machine. And we’ve got several packages to choose from to find the best set of features that fit your trucking needs.
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While a free load board might be a good place for a beginner, it’s like anything else: you get what you pay for. In general, free load boards turn up low-paying loads and they lack the technology you need to keep up with today’s fast-paced freight demands. Many free load boards don’t wipe old loads clean daily, so even if you find what looks to be a good load, it could already be booked by the time you research it. Your goal is to avoid this time-wasting approach and focus on how to find more available high-paying loads

Look for a load board that goes the extra mile to help you choose brokers to work with and other important information, like broker credit score, experience level, and how long it takes them to pay you.

Truckstop employs a whole team that checks every broker on the load board regularly, so broker data is relevant and up to date. The best load board lets you sort loads by rate, origin, and broker ratings. Some include heat maps and search options that serve up the best-paying loads.

The most innovative, established load boards help you find backhauls, post your truck and specialty so brokers can find you, and have an instant load-booking feature, just to name a few.

Top load boards such as Truckstop will also advise you which routes to take and which fuel stops have the best prices. It eliminates paperwork, which gets you out of the office and on the road where the money is.

When it comes to evaluating load boards, nothing speaks louder than the voice of the customer. Make sure the load board you choose is the one chosen by professional truck drivers and owner-operators like you—others who share your needs and your goals. The Truckstop Load Board is the one load board chosen by the most seasoned freight carriers and brokers alike, because they know it’s always “clean,” comprehensive, and always home the most all-encompassing list of available loads across every category, whether you operate a dry van, reefer, flatbed, etc.

If you use the Truckstop Load Board, you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

  • Highest load volume
  • High-quality legitimate loads
  • Trustworthy brokers only, already vetted by our team
  • Broker information tools, for a deeper dive into broker details
  • Instant load-booking from anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • Money- and time-saving tools to run all aspects of your business
  • Pay solutions that keep you in cash
  • Rates tools so you earn what you’re worth
  • Safety, compliance, and insurance solutions that minimize risk
  • Industry-leading innovation and ease-of-use
  • Easy integration into any workflow environment
  • Educational resources to keep you up-to-date and in the know
  • A dedicated support team, ready, willing, and able to keep you up-and-running