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Are you the owner-operator of a “power unit” tractor looking to haul freight on behalf of a shipper or broker who already has trailers? Find all the power-only loads you need to keep your truck moving on the Truckstop Load Board.

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Power-only loads present new opportunities for you to build your business and work with reputable brokers. Since power-only trucking is cheaper for brokers, they are always in search of trucks and qualified drivers to transport a trailer of goods for them. Picking up these types of loads is a good way to keep your truck on the road, build your customer base, and foster long-term relationships with shipping partners. Using the Truckstop Carrier Load Board, it’s fast and easy to always find a good power-only load.

The Truckstop difference:

  • Scale (volume) of quality loads in one single source.
  • Filter and sort by broker to get days-to-pay and other broker info.
  • Rates tools that help you earn what you’re worth on every load.
  • You control and choose how to work and who to work with.
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Look beyond the load board for a full suite of solutions that make your job as a power unit driver easier.

Your job is tough enough. Make it easy where you can.

We go way beyond the basic load board to make your job easier at every turn. From negotiating rates to finding routes, from managing paperwork to monitoring partners, from IFTA reporting to instant load-booking, look to our load board for easy handling of all your power-only trucking needs.

Choose the right plan for your business.


Everything you need to start finding and booking loads now.

$42 *


  • doneLoad Searching info
  • doneTruck/Lane Posting info
  • doneDecision Tools info
  • doneBook It Now info
  • doneRoute Map info


Everything in Basic plus tools to weed out slow-paying brokers.

$135 *


  • Includes everything in Basic, plus:
  • doneFuel Desk info
  • doneCredit Stop Broker info


Level up your profits with tools that make it easy to make more on every load.

$159 *


  • Includes everything in Advanced, plus:
  • doneLoad Alert Notifications info
  • doneLoad Comparison info
  • doneReal-Time Updates info
  • doneRate Insights info
  • doneHeat Map info
  • doneBest-Paying Loads Search info
  • doneMulti-Trip info

** Price per user. Up to 3 users.

* Amount shown excludes applicable fees & taxes.

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Get the freedom to choose, from the power-only load board of choice.

Carriers everywhere look to Truckstop to keep them in the driver’s seat.
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Our vast volume of new loads daily (in real-time if you want) means that as a power-only driver, you can find any type of load going anywhere. Whether broker partners or shippers are looking for a driver to move equipment on a flatbed, dry van trailer, reefer, or tanker, our unlimited load posting and searching, coupled with sorting and filtering to drill down to every detail, means you’ll always find power-only loads that match what you want.

  • Eliminate deadheads.
  • Filter by your preferred lanes.
  • Get the right rate every time.
  • Work with brokers you know and trust.
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Truck driver making calls while stopped at a truck stop.

Your job should be as hassle-free as possible. Technology should move you forward — not stand in your way.

We deliver simple solutions and innovative technology that works like second nature.
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If it’s not easy to use, it’s not innovative. The best technology makes light work of heavy tasks, speeds things up, and lets you work the way you want. Starting with our load board, we work with carriers just like you to design and build our products, right down to finding power only loads fast. We value your input, and we seek it out. If it’s not carrier-friendly, it’s not Truckstop. Our goal is to help you keep pace with today’s speed of freight—and keep ahead of it so you’re prepared for tomorrow.

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An iPhone shows a screen of carrier load search functionality in the Truckstop mobile app.

Get the power of one for your power-only trucking operation.

One load board, endless opportunities.
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Power up your power unit and hit the road! With Truckstop along for the ride, your destination is a success. Not only will you find freight fast, but you can also book it fast, too. And in today’s freight world of qualified driver shortages, you can beat the competition to the punch and make bank. Our power-only load board even helps you book a power-only load in a few quick clicks with Book It Now:

  • Book a load in a few fast clicks with brokers you trust.
  • Book from anywhere, on your schedule, from your favorite device.
  • See load info up front, including rates, before you commit.
  • Control it all from your familiar workflow.
  • You can even book loads outside broker business hours.
  • Free to power-only carriers who use the Truckstop Load Board.
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A truck driver steps out of her cab and looks out into the distance.


Power-only trucking occurs when an independent carrier hires out with a broker or shipper to drive his or her personal tractor (power unit) to transport a trailer full of goods to its destination. This usually happens when there’s a surplus of trailers available to the shipper or broker but not enough tractors and drivers to move a shipper’s load. The carrier just hooks up the trailer to his or her power unit and carries it to the final delivery location.

If you’re shopping around for the best load boards, nothing resonates more than the voice of the customer. All load boards tout their benefits, so make sure to listen to third-party testimonials. Select one chosen by professional truck drivers and owner-operators like you, who share your needs and your goals. The Truckstop Load Board is widely preferred by both freight carriers and brokers. Like them, you can be confident it’s always accurate, comprehensive, and all-encompassing across every category of equipment, geographical area, and preferred lanes.

Everything you need right at your fingertips.

  • High load volume all in one place
  • High-quality legitimate loads posted by trusted brokers
  • Broker information tools that let you choose who to work with
  • Instant load-booking from any device in just a few clicks
  • A full product line-up to improve all aspects of your business
  • Factoring solutions to assure you never run out of cash
  • Rates tools that help you make the money you deserve
  • Safety, compliance, and insurance solutions that keep risk at bay and protect your business
  • Intuitive products that are easy to use and access
  • Easy integration into your workflow environment of choice
  • Blogs, articles, and case studies that help you build your expertise in trucking
  • A dedicated support team, standing by to help when you need it
Virtually any type of equipment could be power-only. The term simply refers to a load in which the carrier or owner-operator provides the truck, while the shipper or broker provides the trailer. It could be a dry van, a flatbed, or even a reefer — if the driver hooks his or her truck up to someone else’s already-loaded trailer, it’s a power-only load.
Power-only loads have major advantages over traditional loads for carriers. Adding power-only services helps you keep your trucks rolling. You won’t have to wait at the dock for loading. And you’ll start building a new line of service and developing your network. For shippers and brokers, power-only loads also make sense because they can load trailers at their leisure and have them hauled when they’re ready, with no additional investment in trucks and drivers.
Truckstop is one of the oldest and most active load boards in the country. We offer high-paying power-only loads from trusted and vetted shippers and brokers. And beyond that, we offer a full slate of tools designed to help you maximize your pay, minimize downtime, and keep your trucks loaded and on the road.
Booking power-only loads with Truckstop couldn’t be simpler. Just search our load board for the available loads you want, filtered by equipment type, lane, and even broker information. Then use our powerful negotiation tools to ensure you get the best rates. Or use Book It Now to quickly book loads with just a few clicks.