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Make more money as an owner-operator by hauling LTL loads. Find all the loads you’ll ever need on the Truckstop Load Board.

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In today’s highly thriving eCommerce world, change might be the only thing you can predict when it comes to the freight industry. Remaining flexible, agile, and ready for anything might be the difference between success and failure as a truck owner-operator. Small shipments are adding demand in the LTL space, demand that results in opportunity for owner-operators to maximize every load and find profit in unpredictable places. Truckstop can help. Home to the load board trusted by carriers and brokers alike, Truckstop can help you find LTL loads, give you the tools to book them fast, and never miss a chance to increase your revenue.

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Adding LTL loads to your capabilities might seem complicated.

Truckstop simplifies your business, saves you time, and keeps you in cash.

Your journey to success doesn’t have to be painful. Look to the experts who’ve devoted 25 years and counting to making a better way for owner-operators to do their jobs. Our full suite of practical solutions to your everyday obstacles delivers peace of mind—so you can deliver the goods to America, have fun doing it, make a profit, and still have plenty of freedom to enjoy life on your terms. Look to us for everything you need to be a pro: from negotiating good rates to finding optimal routes, from eliminating paperwork to managing the business side of the gig. We’re here for you.

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Everything you need to start finding and booking loads now.

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Everything in Basic plus tools to weed out slow-paying brokers.

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Level up your profits with tools that make it easy to make more on every load.

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  • Includes everything in Advanced, plus:
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  • doneLoad Comparison info
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  • doneRate Insights info
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The Truckstop Load Board is the one single source you need to get the right LTL loads from the right brokers.
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The Truckstop Carrier Load Board serves up tens of thousands of legitimate partial loads posted by reliable brokers every day. In addition to unlimited searching and posting on the most trusted and comprehensive load board out there, you’re assured the brokers who post are trustworthy and professional. In fact, we have an entire team dedicated to keeping fraudulent brokers and scammers off the board. We even go the extra mile, equipping you with a fast and easy way to check into broker information and choose who you want to work with. You’ll get access to current broker data, like credit score, complaints and compliments, and days-to-pay.

With a wide range of search criteria, you get the control you need to find available LTL (less than truckload) loads that you can easily accommodate and automatically increase your profit per mile. And with the option to see loads in real time, you never waste time on an old load that’s already been taken.

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Truckstop customer using his laptop to access less than truckload loads.

Get the right rate for your LTL loads every time.

When it comes to getting the pay you deserve, make sure you’re well-informed about rates.
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Truckstop goes beyond the basic load board to give you important tools you need to run your trucking business and raise your revenue. Make sure the load board you choose for LTL (less than truckload) loads includes robust rates tools. Decision tools, included on our load board, help you gauge negotiation strength, see truck-to-load ratio in any given lane, and view rate activity by origin and destination.

Our industry-leading Rate Insights takes you even further:

  • Access posted, paid, and submitted rates by specialty, including LTL equipment.
  • View rate trends by history up to the last year.
  • Calculate fuel charges to make sure you can make a profit on a given route.
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Today’s freight moves fast. Truckstop technology helps you keep up.

Our innovative solutions help you act fast and get on the road.
Truckstop customer using his phone to access the load board to find partial loads.

What if there really was an “easy button”? That’s the question we strove to answer as we developed our instant load booking feature, Book It Now. A feature of our load board, carriers who use book it now enjoy a multitude of benefits:

  • Free to carriers who use the Truckstop Load Board.
  • See all load information up front, including rates.
  • Eliminate time-consuming back-and-forth with broker and carrier.
  • Book loads with brokers you trust in just a few clicks.
  • Book from anywhere, on any device. You can even book a load outside broker business hours.
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Truckstop customer using his phone to access the load board to find partial loads.


Since LTL (less than truckload) loads are relatively small, you might think about adding an LTL load with another load if it’s appropriate. You can also haul more than one LTL—whatever you have room for—at a time. And then there’s the issue of deadheading. In some cases, an LTL might make up for an unavoidable deadhead, so your profit-per-mile doesn’t take a hit.

Once you start using our load board to find LTL loads, you’ll never look back. We give you the ability to post and search to your heart’s content on the one load board more carriers rely on. And tens of thousands of brokers look to Truckstop to cover capacity. The vast volume of loads—all legitimate with reputable brokers—makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for without wasting time. You can search, filter, and sort by a wide range of criteria to find what you need quickly and easily.