CEO Pens Article for Business Insider Magazine

Paris Chief Executive Officer Paris Cole has been busy as of late. Cole, a man of many talents, was a presenter at the 2016 Capital Connect Conference sponsored by the Idaho Technology Council and, most recently, has been published in the Idaho Statesman, Idaho’s largest newspaper.

While Cole’s article appeared on the Idaho Statesman’s website, the actual article will hit print in the Stateman’s May 17-June 20 Business Insider magazine.

Within the article, Cole talks about the importance of taking on early investors for the success of startup companies, but he also stresses a strong business plan, good relationships and sound practices are essential for that business to thrive. He talks about Chairman Scott Moscrip’s meager beginnings with the company and how it has grown to take on its first investor., which started as a small startup in New Plymouth, Idaho, now has offices in other areas, including Boise, Idaho; Phoenix, Arizona; Fox River Grove, Illinois; and Toronto, Canada.

Cole’s article on the Idaho Stateman’s website can be seen here.

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