McLeod Integrates with’s CACCI and OnBoarding Tools and McLeod have announced the integration of a carrier monitoring interface with’s OnBoarding and McLeod’s PowerBroker products.

The interface will include’s CACCI which, when combined with PowerBroker, will have certificates of insurance information on more than 200,000 carriers. The database will also include carrier contact and policy information, insurance limits and expiration dates, along with DOT safety ratings, authority data, and CPR status.

“Integrating with McLeod is beneficial to all of our customers,” said Paris Cole, CEO, “Combining the tools of McLeod’s PowerBroker with our CACCI and OnBoarding solutions provides on-demand information on thousands of carriers while making it easier than ever before for qualified carriers to become part of your core list of carriers.”

Users will be able to add carriers with just one click, receive nightly updates for any changes to carriers currently on their watchlist, and have the ability to rate a carrier’s performance directly from the carrier screen.

The onboarding portion of the interface has added support for onboarding carriers automatically from’s website into McLeod’s PowerBroker. Carriers can register on the OnBoarding user’s custom web page hosted by, provide paperwork, insurance, and registration information, which is imported into the McLeod system throughout the day. Final review and approval of carriers can be done through PowerBroker’s carrier screen or on

“We’re eager to continue offering powerful integrations with industry leaders,” said Robert Brothers, manager of product development at McLeod Software. “We believe the tools and data we’re able to offer can help any logistics or transportation company succeed.”

To learn more about’s logistics tools, or to sign up for CACCI and OnBoarding, visit To learn more about McLeod’s suite of technology solutions, visit

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