Information the Competition is Using to Stay Ahead

It’s no secret— the transportation industry is unpredictable. Recently, it has been affected by natural disasters, the introduction and enforcement of the ELD mandate, and driver shortages like never before. We know it’s happening, but how does it impact our day-to-day business operations? We have access to an overwhelming amount of data–how do we leverage it? 

Enter Noël Perry,’s Chief Economist. For decades, Mr. Perry has been studying and analyzing the transportation industry. He has gathered years’ worth of data, analyzed it, tracked it, and compared it—all in an effort to bring some clarity to the current – and future – state of the transportation industry.

Noël is now making his thought leadership content available to the industry through his website Transport Futures. A key feature of Perry’s new site is his blog The Transport Navigator.  Blog subscribers will not need to wait for monthly publishing schedules to see an analysis of breaking stories.  “If it moves, I’m watching it – and thinking deeply about it. I wanted a place where I could share information as soon as good data is available, allowing my readers to react to market pressures right now,” said Perry.

And what are people saying?

“Noël is a compass.  Use him properly and he will help you find the direction you need to take,”

“It has helped us formulate how we invest, anticipate and behave in certain economic climates.”

You can find this and other offerings from Transport Futures on the web at

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