How You Can Help with Hurricane Harvey


Texas continues to experience record-breaking flooding and rainfall due to Hurricane Harvey, which is expected to continue across South Texas until Wednesday. But you can help. The good people over at American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) are seeking your assistance and expertise.

As of Tuesday, August 29, 2017, ALAN’s open needs include:

  • Two 53’ truckloads from Lakeland, FL to Baldwin, LA on 9/20
  • Details pending: Lift gate transport from PA, OH, IL to Houston, TX
  • OFFER PENDING: Refrigerated trailer – Houston, TX
  • Power only move of 53’ dry van trailer from Houston, TX 77034 to location TBD in SE Texas. The trailer has a generator unit mounted on the front, and requires a tractor with an adjustable 5th wheel to accommodate an 80″ swing clearance.

For the most up-to-date logistical needs, visit ALAN’s logistics map.

 Please note: ALAN is seeking pro-bono / donated / volunteer offers only at this time.

 Other verified ways you can help the victims of Hurricane Harvey:

Thanks for your help.

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