Seasonality & tech mean more money for carriers


It’s the holidays, and everything’s tighter, from budgets to belt loops.

The good news is carriers are benefiting from the busy holiday season largely due to growing freight demand and a shortage of truck drivers.

Available trucking technology is also playing a large role in carrier success this holiday season. John Larkin of Stifel Capital Markets recently shared that “Brokers and load boards are offering owner operators not just back-haul freight, but also ‘the next haul’.”

So in an already booming market, how can the suite of tools within Truckstop Pro’s load board for Carriers put even more money in your pockets so you can take care of who (and what) matters most? Take your own self-guided tour of Pro.

1. Find the right brokers for long-term success.

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Good brokers are the ones worth hanging onto. Built right into our Pro load board, Credit Stop Broker gives carriers instant access to current, vetted Broker credit ratings and days-to-pay.

“Other load boards don’t seem to check their brokers. We never know if we would really get paid or not, but not with, they have more trusted brokers on their board than any other system I’ve used.” —David Kosar, Riteway Trucking

2. Find the hottest outbound lanes state-by-state.

Our Heat Map Search feature shows average outbound rates to help with trip/load planning. Green states indicate higher outgoing rates.

3. Negotiate loads with our Rate Mate engine.

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Finding loads is only half the battle. Rate Mate shows Pro subscribers the average freight rate for a specific traffic lane, so carriers can negotiate loads.

“If you’re looking for a great load board, I’d suggest It’s given me the ability to negotiate rates and make more money.” —Kim Boring, Boring and Blessed Transportation

4. Use multi-trip to keep loaded no matter where the road leads.

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Multi-Trip Search creates multiple stop trips from a specified origin and destination, so truckers aren’t stuck deadheading.

“I love It helps me save money and allows me to see data and prices up front so I know how to talk and negotiate with the Broker.” —Richard Starl, 9 Dawgs Transportation

5. Use route planning to save on fuel. Negotiate with added fuel rates.

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Fuel Desk not only helps plan driving routes to move loads using the least amount of fuel, it also calculates fuel costs based on optimized routes! Pro subscribers also get rates carriers can use to negotiate with brokers.

Bonus:  Fuel Desk provides a direct link to ProMiles Online so carriers can calculate quarterly IFTA taxes at no additional cost.

“I like knowing what will cost me to run my load. I check the rate and the fuel price to know if I need to negotiate better with the broker, and I check their credit score through to find out if I even want to work with them at all.” —Ronny Finch, Lone Star Legacy

For the product that’s got your back for the holidays (and for the long haul), check out Truckstop Pro. Or give us a call at 1-888-364-1189. We’d love to talk!

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