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Within any industry/business there’s always room for improvement.

In the trucking industry, one of these areas is in the relationship between brokers and professional carriers. Kevin Rutherford and Let’s Truck have partnered with to bridge this gap and improve how brokers and drivers work together.

Our mission is to bring carriers and brokers together to find new and innovative ways to bring more value to our mutual customers, the shipping community.

BrokerConnect is the solution!

Every Monday on the BrokerConnect radio show, Kevin Rutherford takes calls and answers questions about building strong relationships, rates, lanes, spot market, seasonal freight, and the problems and challenges you face in the trucking industry.

Become a part of the solution: Kevin Rutherford wants you to join the conversation.

By working together, we are finding innovative solutions to make the trucking industry a better place to live and work!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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