ELD Mandate Deadline Just Seven Months Away

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More on ELDs

We are just seven months away from ELDs becoming mandatory. If drivers have a current AOBRD (automatic on-board recording device), they are considered to be in compliance until Dec. 16, 2019. If not, the FMCSA has given an update on what might occur for drivers come Dec. 18, 2017. While the FMCSA has been vague on many issues surrounding the ELD mandate and some of the requirements still have a great deal of confusion surrounding them (records transfer via Web Services), the have cleared up the consequences of not complying by the deadline. If a driver is unable to prove they have an FMCSA certified ELD device or AOBRD, they will be placed out of service for eight hours and an infraction of “No Logbook” will be placed on their record. This would constitute a score of seven points on their CSA record each time they are placed out of service for the issue. If a driver is unable to transfer their records, they will received a “No Record of Duty Status” and will be placed out of service for eight hours. These are the two main issues drivers are worried about currently but the FMCSA spelled out several other potential infractions as well.

For a while now, the talk has been the ELDs are going to help increase the spot market rates. As of now, it looks like that idea has been a bit off. Those with ELDs have seen little to no positive impact to their rates. Researchers say that the increase is coming but much slower than expected.

The DOT has declined to offer an opposition brief regarding OOIDA’s pending appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Court could ask the DOT to write a brief, but that is up in the air. Any decision on whether the Supreme Court will hear the case probably will not happen before the middle or end of June. The FMCSA did not, at first, offer up a brief when OOIDA appealed the case to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. However, they asked for an extension and were granted one and submitted their brief. It is very possible the same thing could happen here or that the Supreme Court asks for a response from the DOT.


Railroads are becoming more competitive with the trucking industry as technology improves on both sides. As autonomous trucking and autonomous railroads are seeing more and more play around the globe, U.S. lawmakers are doubling down efforts to ensure that there are crews of at least two on board all train engines in the name of safety. This increases the operating costs for the railroads and increases the chances of trucking receiving loads. Trucking spent $9.1 million in lobbying last year while the railway industry spent more than $26 million most of it trying to stop some of the efficiencies that are being suggested for the trucking industry. For example, it is being suggested for tractor-trailers to go from a single, 53 foot trailer to two 33 foot trailers. This would allow additional hauling capacity for trucks that could take away from the capacity that rail is currently hauling.


New research being released shows that traffic is hurting the trucking industry in a big way. According to the American Transportation Research Institute, more than $63 billion is lost by truckers waiting in traffic. The breakdown by hours is 996 million hours of lost productivity are occurring with the two worst states being Texas and Florida.

Trucking Moves America Forward has unveiled a mascot and is looking for what to name it. Looking to boost the image of the industry, the group feels that the mascot naming contest and a unified message will help bring the industry and its efforts into a positive light.

The CVSA’s International Road Check is coming up on June 6-8 and cargo securement will be its main focus. While Level 1 inspections are always the name of the game with this blitz, cargo securement is becoming an increasing issue that CVSA agents have been asked to key in on. Because of this, a cargo securement device company, Kinedyne, will offer a free webinar on cargo securement from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. (EDT) on May 30.

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