The Easy Button for Cargo Protection

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an “easy-button” for the challenges we face at work? How much more efficient would we be if we could answer all of our emails at once or manage crises with the push of a button?

While that may not be realistic, there is a way your brokerage operations can accomplish four important taks with just a few clicks of a mouse.

In just seconds you could:

  1. Distinguish your business from the competition
  2. Provide “peace-of-mind” for both your shipper client and your organization
  3. Save potentially massive claims headaches
  4. Save administrative time and money

You can do all this in a few seconds and for just $24 per load! That’s about as close as you can get to an easy button! So how can you accomplish these things?

Cargo Insurance is an “all-risks” turnkey insurance solution designed specifically to address the pain points associated with traditional cargo insurance coverage. Let’s go through these four points again and see just how this game-changing solution can accomplish these four tasks.

  1. Distinguishing your brokerage services from the competition is more important than ever in this crowded and competitive marketplace. Who will your shippers choose the next time they need to move a load? Someone who provides additional coverage assurances or someone who doesn’t? You may say to yourself: “The carrier already has insurance, why would I purchase more?” Well, that certificate of insurance cannot always be trusted, and the FMCSA removal of the Cargo filing requirement removes certainty that some basic level of coverage is being provided.
  2. By removing the “is my load insured?” question from both your client’s mind, and yours, you are providing “peace-of-mind” that comes with knowing the load is covered in the event of damage or loss. Traditional motor truck cargo insurance won’t cover “Acts of God”, unattended vehicle, or theft. The traditional policy may also exclude many commodities you and your customer are unaware of.
  3. Have you ever had to file an insurance claim on a load? If not, count yourself lucky as the numbers show that cargo insurance claims are going up, not down. If you have filed a claim, you know what a nightmare it can be to spend hours, days and even months on the phone with your shipper, the carrier and the insurance company with no input or control to affect the outcome. Not to mention you stand to strain the relationship with your client if the process becomes adversarial, which does happen. With Cargo Insurance, you get a professional claims team who will do the leg-work for you and get your claim processed in 30 days or less!
  4. Cargo insurance forms change frequently, and often without notice. Do you have the bandwidth to chase the forms down, review them and adjust your coverage accordingly? Cargo Insurance has ONE standard, easy-to-understand form. Covering your load with Cargo Insurance is quick and easy! Once your account is created you can simply log in, drag-and-drop your excel file, review your order and submit. Then you can easily print, store, and share your declarations.

For just $0.01 per mile, you can protect your cargo and safeguard your P&L in seconds. How’s that for an “easy button”?

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$0.01 cost per mile is based on the delivery distance of 1,200 miles.

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