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Person checking truck tires.
Preparing for International Roadcheck with OOIDA

Since its start in 1988, International Roadcheck has created an opportunity to educate the industry and public about the importance of safe commercial vehicle operations and the roadside inspection program. Now, in its 34th year, more than 1.4 million roadside inspections have been conducted during International Roadcheck. (Source: Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) Each year, the

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person standing next to truck
Truck Driver Salary: Top Paying Jobs (By State & Freight Type)

No matter how much you might love being on the road, very few people get into a career without the expectation of making money. What is the average annual truck driver salary? As it turns out, the differences in truck driver salaries can be immense. How much you make each year depends on various factors,

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Conestoga trailer.
Conestoga Trucking Trailers: Types, Pros and Cons

As a carrier, you have all kinds of options to optimize your trucking business. One way is by using the best equipment you can. Investing in quality equipment upfront helps you save money on maintenance, repairs, and upgrades in the long run. Conestoga trucking equipment is worth integrating into your business since this trailer type

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Shipping container being loaded with a fork-lift.
The Truck Driver Shortage and What It Means for Shippers

There has been a truck driver shortage for about a decade, and it’s only getting worse. According to the American Trucking Association, the current shortage is around 80,000 drivers. By 2030, that number is projected to exceed 160,000. Truck driver demand is extremely high, as roughly 70% of all American freight is moved by truck.

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refrigerated trailers parked at dock
Refrigerated Trucking: Pros, Cons, and Best Practices

Refrigerated trucking companies provide a valuable service for our country. By transporting fresh produce, groceries, medical supplies, and other temperature-sensitive goods, refrigerated trucks allow stores to keep their shelves stocked for consumers. A significant percentage of the trucks you see on the highway are refrigerated trucks (AKA reefer trucks). What is refrigerated trucking? Refrigerated trucking

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person with mobile device standing by truck
Top 15 Apps for Truckers

Having difficulty trying to figure out the best apps to use when you’re on the road trucking? Find out some of the most helpful apps for truckers!

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truck with empty flatbed trailer
Deadhead Miles: Definition, Costs and How to Avoid Them

Deadheads. Deadhead miles. Deadhead trucks. Tractor-trailers sometimes have empty flatbeds attached or might not have a trailer hooked up. If a truck doesn’t have a trailer attached, it’s a deadhead truck in trucking terminology. It means that the driver dropped off a load and is on their way to pick up another load or headed

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how to get the best carrier rates
11 Ways to Find (and Book) Truck Loads Online

Being a carrier can be highly rewarding except when you struggle to find truck loads. And, not just any truckloads, but the right ones: those that work with your schedule and in your preferred lanes. The good news is there are strategies and tools to find profitable jobs that keep you running and expanding, whether

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Person with headset using a computer.
Freight Brokers: What They Do and How to Hire One

If you’re new to the freight logistics and trucking industry, you’ve probably heard the term freight broker, but you may or may not know what they can do for you and your business. A good freight broker can make your job much easier because you won’t have to worry about where your next load is

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