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Person with crossed arms leaning again the side panel of a truck.
Is Being an Owner Operator Worth It? 10 Things to Consider

If you’re a truck driver or considering becoming one, you might wonder, “Is being an owner-operator worth it?” Like so much in life, the answer is, it depends. Being an owner-operator means freedom to choose your own loads and schedule your own time, to make as much money as possible, and to be your own

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Man standing beside new truck smiling.
Lease Purchase Trucking: Pros, Cons, and Considerations

If you’re a trucker or thinking about getting into the industry, you might have dreams of becoming an owner-operator. Lease programs can help you get started, but there are several things to consider. Lease purchase trucking has its unique advantages and disadvantages compared to other options, such as being a company driver or a full

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Rear of flatbed truck hauling farm equipment down four-lane highway with light traffic and fields and trees on either side of the highway
8 Factors That Determine Per-Mile Flatbed Trucking Rates

Flatbed rates can vary a lot. It’s essential to pay close attention to flatbed shipping rates to make sure you are being paid fairly for the load you’re hauling. When preparing a quote or booking a load, you base flatbed shipping rates partly on your fixed costs. The weight, size, value, and classification of the

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person viewed through drive-side window of truck smiling.
7 Things to Know About Being an Independent Truck Driver

For many truckers, the phrase “independent truck driver” means freedom. There is no denying that being your own boss and having control over your schedule are powerful reasons to get into independent trucking. But you’ll also be an independent contractor. Truck driver contractors need to be good at business and driving since they are responsible

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four trucks and trailers traveling on a four-lane highway with trees and grass on either side of the highway
Dedicated Trucking: Pros and Cons for Carriers

Carriers looking for stability and predictable revenue streams find that dedicated trucking can provide consistent billing and keep your trucks and truck drivers busy. Idle trucks cost you money. When you book dedicated truck runs, your trucks are constantly earning. What is dedicated trucking? Dedicated trucking refers to carriers that haul freight for one primary

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Flatbed Trucking: How it Works, Rates, Pros & Cons

Dry vans and refrigerated trucks are some of the most common haulers in the U.S. because they can carry a wide variety of cargo types. But when freight is large and/or heavy, dry vans and similar trucks can’t always handle the job. This is where flatbed trucks come in. Flatbed trucks are important to many businesses and industries.

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two people shking hands with staked pallets in the background
6 Ways to Get More Owner-Operator Trucking Contracts

There’s more to trucking transport than obtaining your operating authority, then loading and unloading cargo and driving it from origin to destination. Before starting, you and the shipper (or broker) need to agree on the job requirements, the rate, and how long transportation will take. Owner-operator trucking contracts outline all of this and more. Contracts

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Negotiating freight rates
11 Tips to Negotiate Better Freight Rates

As a carrier or owner-operator, rate negotiations can be frustrating. It takes valuable time and energy to come to an agreement that works for both you and the broker. But knowing how to negotiate freight rates or load rates is critical to a successful business. Good rates mean more money in your pocket and a

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calculating your cost per mile
How to Calculate Cost per Mile

Understanding how much it costs to keep your truck operating is the single most important financial calculation you can do for your trucking business. But it’s something that a lot of drivers and owner-operators don’t keep track of. Don’t be one of them! Knowing your cost per mile reveals your spending patterns and areas where

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