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A Truckstop.com user inspecting equipment.
DOT Reporting Requirements for Freight Brokers

As a broker, you want to get your loads booked quickly and keep the cash flowing. At the same time, you need to make sure you’re using qualified carriers that take safety seriously to protect your shippers, your business, and your reputation. Department of Transportation (DOT) reporting can help you keep track of carrier safety

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A Truckstop.com user standing in front of a truck.
How to Get Your Trucking Authority (6-Step Process)

Make the Switch to Being Your Own Boss Getting your trucking authority to start your own trucking business can be downright intimidating. With so much conflicting information available on the internet, it’s hard to keep track of all the steps you need to follow. Getting your own authority requires startup cash, attention to detail, and

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Truckstop Partner Marketplace October Roundup

You no longer need to scour the web for a business solution. Truckstop has built and will continue to build relationships with companies across the industry to help brokers, carriers, and shippers find solutions to run their business with a trusted and vetted partner. As a commitment to our customers in the freight community we

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calculating your cost per mile
How to Calculate Cost per Mile

The cost to keep your truck operating is the single most important financial calculation you can do for your trucking business. But it’s something that a lot of drivers and owner-operators don’t track. If you’ve never tracked your cost per mile, you may be relieved to know you don’t need accounting software to do it.

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What is backhaul trucking?
What Is Backhaul Trucking?

Backhaul trucking is a great way for truckers and fleet owners to make money on return trips while providing shippers with another opportunity to move their products where they need to go. But what is backhaul trucking, and how can you find backhaul loads and improve your backhaul strategy? Here’s what you need to know.

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Trucks parked in a lot.
Truckstop Partner Marketplace September Roundup

Our goal at Truckstop is to support freight industry professionals any way we can. To that end, and to help brokers, carriers, and shippers quickly and easily find solutions that meet the needs of small businesses in the freight industry, we built the Truckstop Partner Marketplace. All partners are thoroughly vetted, so you can find

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Truckstop user reviewing freight matching.
Digital Freight Matching

Curious about what digital freight matching is all about? Learn about digital freight matching and the idea that a carrier can simply tap to accept a load and then hit the road.

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truck with empty flatbed trailer
Deadhead Miles: Definition, Costs and How to Avoid Them

Deadheads. Deadhead miles. Deadhead trucks. Tractor-trailers sometimes have empty flatbeds attached or might not have a trailer hooked up. If a truck doesn’t have a trailer attached, it’s a deadhead truck in trucking terminology. It means that the driver dropped off a load and is on their way to pick up another load or headed

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