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power only trucking
Power Only Trucking

If you’re in the trucking business, you may have heard of power-only trucking. But exactly what does power-only mean? Power-only trucking happens when a trucking company provides only a driver and a tractor. The trailer is provided by the shipper, a third-party logistics (3PL) company or, sometimes, through a lease option. In some cases, the

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15 steps to become a successful owner operator
15 Steps to Become a Successful Owner-Operator

There are two types of professional truck drivers out on the road: company drivers and owner operator truck drivers. A trucking company employs company drivers while owner operators run the business themselves. Both career paths are a great way to earn a living, but there are some key differences. Most truck drivers are commercial drivers,

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People shaking hands.
Truckstop Partner Marketplace November Roundup

In the first week of November alone, the Truckstop Partner Marketplace added five new partners, making the total number of partners 87 as of Thanksgiving. In just five months, the Truckstop Partner Marketplace has become a robust rolodex of vetted partners. As year-end edges closer, many carriers and brokers are beginning to close their books

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5 tricks for managing paperwork in the trucking industry
5 Tips for Managing Paperwork as an Owner-Operator in the Trucking Industry

When you decided to start your career as an owner-operator in the trucking industry, you probably didn’t envision hours and hours of paperwork. But the truth is that as a business owner, you can’t avoid all paperwork. Especially when you want to get paid, submitting paperwork (invoicing) efficiently is important.  At Truckstop, we are committed

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highest paying truckload
How to Find the Highest Paying Truck Loads

Trucking is a tough job. The highways are crowded, fuel costs are climbing, overheads are high, and every mile under your wheels comes with a hefty bill both in time and money. All truckers work hard, but these days it’s essential to work smarter, too. Want to find the highest paying truck loads? Read on. 

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Trailers in a lot
What Carriers Should Know About Load-to-Truck Ratios

The load-to-truck ratio, also known as the truck-to-load ratio, is an important metric that can help you determine the profitability of different routes and negotiate the highest rates. But exactly what does load-to-truck ratio mean, how can you calculate it, and what are the best ways to use it? In this post, we’ll cover everything

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