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End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Products

These products are currently being moved to End of Life.
Click on the product link, when available, for more information.

Please see the End-of-Life Policy for more details.

Refresh 40

The Refresh 40 product offering would no longer be sold effective Nov 15, 2018 to simplify our product offering and reduce supporting resources. Support for Refresh 40 will end January 1, 2020. All current customers using Refresh 40 will be upgraded to our Refresh 20 offering at no additional cost to them. This upgrade is available only to current users of Refresh 40.

Chat/ Negotiation Portal

The Chat and Negotiation Portal is no longer available effective November of 2019 to simplify the experience and offer a less complicated communication path between the Carrier and the Broker. In its place, Truckstop.com will offer Book It Now as a streamlined process to reduce time and costs for the freight community.


The TripCargo product is no longer available effective April 2020 to reduce supporting resources and strengthen current offerings. Cargo Insurance remains available to customers for any coverage needs.


The RFP product is no longer available effective April 2020. For large bids and other powerful rate data, Rate Analysis and Rate Forecasting offer a great bid management solution.


The Shippermate product is no longer available effective April 2020 to provide a standardized CRM for all customers and reduce supporting resources. Sales management tools are still available for Broker and Carrier customers via ITS Dispatch Pro.

Fuel Optimizer App

The Fuel Optimizer App is no longer available effective April 2020. The change was made to simplify and consolidate apps for faster and easier experience. Fuel tools are still available to Carriers via Fuel Desk on both the mobile and web applications.


Chainalytics is no longer being offered effective June 30, 2020 as Truckstop.com further invested in their partnership with FTR. Rate Analysis and Rate Forecasting continued to be offered as the most powerful rate data platform offered by Truckstop.com.


Trans4Cast transitioned to Spot Market Insights effective April 27, 2020 in partnership with FTR to collaborate and offer a more powerful and more consumable report.

ELD Marketplace

The ELD Marketplace is no longer available effective April 27, 2020 to reallocate supporting resources to other value-added features.