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For every successfully awarded load, you pay just $12.

Why Book It Now

Save Time
  • Allow your preferred carriers to instantly book your loads.
  • Automatically send rate confirmation to drivers
Grow Your Business
  • More time to grow your client list
  • You decide the rate – no negotiations
Strengthen Relationships
  • Grant access to trusted carriers to book loads instantly

How It Works

Preferred Carriers

Upload your list of carriers or select them from our database to allow only those carriers to book your loads instantly.

Easy Load Posting

Don’t waste time on the phone discussing load details. Post all details of your load up front so carriers know pickup and drop-off locations, times, and other important information about your load.

Your Rates Only

Don’t waste time negotiating. Your preferred carrier can only book your load at the rate you post.

Automated Rate Confirmations

When a carrier accepts your load, don’t waste time sending a rate confirmation. will do it for you the moment your load is booked.

Move More Loads.

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