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The Road to Wellness: The Benefits of Telehealth for Truckers

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Accessible healthcare has been a challenge for Americans over the past decade. Hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers have left their profession or cut back their hours, and that trend is expected to continue. New surveys across the country predict that nearly 47 percent of U.S. healthcare workers plan to leave their positions by 2025—because of either retirement, burnout, or other life changes. This makes accessing healthcare challenging for millions of Americans, particularly those in rural communities and those who travel as part of their career.

If a driver encounters a medical issue or emergency while on the road, they’re in a difficult position. A quick assessment of the care they need, what resources are available, and the cost of care (especially if it is out of network with insurance) makes most drivers determine that it’s not worth the time, money, and headache to seek medical care.

But there are resources available that every driver should know about. Truckstop recently discussed the state of telehealth and how it’s changing healthcare accessibility for truckers with OnCall Health. Listen to the full audio for more details on the benefits of telehealth for truckers.

Maintaining Health Is Essential for Truckers

For carriers and other transportation professionals who spend hours, weeks, and even months on the road, the challenge of accessing quality healthcare can be crippling. If a medical issue arises, drivers are faced with delayed delivery times, distractions caused by stopping (or not stopping) to find care, and finding adequate parking if they find a provider with time to see them.

Your physical and mental health matter whether you’re on the road or not. Drivers deserve access to quality healthcare. While there’s a lot you can do to keep yourself healthy, the inevitable illness while driving your route happens. Often, illness or health concerns can impair your ability to drive as carefully as you want. A headache, persistent cough, or other symptoms can significantly impact your ability to get your job done.

Telehealth helps keep you moving and gives you the support you need to feel better and drive safer.

24/7 Access to Healthcare

One of the most significant advantages of telehealth for truckers is round-the-clock access to healthcare professionals. Traditional healthcare often forces you to schedule appointments during driving hours or visit urgent care facilities, causing strain on your schedule and wallet.

Telehealth lets you talk to a doctor on your schedule when you need it most. Whether it’s a late-night fever or an urgent concern during a long-haul trip, you can connect with a healthcare provider virtually, eliminating the need to wait for an appointment or visit a hospital.

Manage Your Mental Health Too

Your mental health is just as essential as your physical health. There is a high risk of mental health issues for truckers. With long hours, hectic schedules, and being away from family, it’s no surprise that depression, anxiety, and chronic loneliness are on the rise in the transportation profession. There’s a lot you can do to take care of your mental health as a trucker.

Telehealth also offers options for seeing a counselor or therapist to help you care for your mental health. Beat the stigma and take the steps you need to to feel better—inside and out.

Telehealth gives you access to options such as:

  • Online therapy
  • Virtual medication management
  • Substance use treatment services

All while you’re on the road at times that work best in your schedule.

Take Care of Yourself Today

Caring for your health on the road has never been more convenient. With telehealth options available on the go, you can pull over at a truck stop and meet with an in-network physician to help you get the care you need to feel better.

Don’t wait until it’s an emergency: prioritize your health right now.

OnCall Healthcare for Truckers logoOnCall, a division of Ozark Mountain Entities, has partnered with Life Benefits Consulting and MyTelemedicine/Lyric Health to offer a powerful new option to gain affordable timely access to Medical and Mental Health.

OnCall is an American owned and operated company serving all 50 of the United States. Our goal is to offer the average consumer affordable and timely healthcare. Our mission is to make it possible for every child in this country to have access to affordable healthcare when they need it without having to travel. Our doctors LISTEN!

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