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6 Quick & Easy Tips to Keep on (Healthy) Truckin’

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1. Get moving.

You have to move, even if it’s just getting out for a 15-minute walk each a day then that is something. Check out Fit For Trucking’s quick exercise routines for when you’re on the road. Each video routine takes only 3-5 minutes so you can increase muscle mass, better your heart rate, and lose weight in almost no time at all. There is no need to join a gym, but if you would prefer, there are gyms with nationwide memberships so you can hit one up hundreds of cities across the states. (Make sure you talk to your physician before beginning any new exercise regimen.)

Travel with your dog. Aside from being a great companion and never judging your singing voice, they also need exercise. They’re an easy – and friendly reminder! – that you need to keep active.

no soda zone

2. Drink more water.

If you’re drinking a lot of sugary beverages like soda, energy drinks, teas, coffee, etc., you’re consuming a lot of empty calories. Switching to water is a very quick way to start losing weight. Keep a water bottle and a gallon of water in the cab with you that you can fill up when it’s convenient. You need to drink 64 ounces of water day (half of your gallon jug).

If you get tired of drinking water, keep some fruit wedges on hand to help flavor it.

Healthy food

3. Pack plenty of protein-packed snacks.

You’re on the road sitting a majority of the time, so you may not need as many calories as the person unloading the trucks. Protein has the kind of staying power you need to stay full without all of the calories. Look for hard-boiled eggs, nuts, olives, rolled up deli meats, and cheese.

Stay away from protein powders and drinks as a substitute for the protein found naturally in foods.

Female carrier using mobile phone.

4. Log everything you eat and drink to stay accountable.

Another logbook…just what you need. But there are now a lot of apps available to help make this easy. MyFitnessPal is a free app with more than 5 million foods (including restaurant and fast food options) so you can see how many calories and carbs those burritos are burgers are packing (Apple; Android).

You won’t need to repeatedly log into an app except for the occasional nutritional information as you start memorizing the nutritional values in foods.


5. Have a fitness partner.

It will help you to be accountable for your food and exercise choices if you’re reporting to somebody else. It can be your spouse, your son or daughter, a good friend—anyone you can talk to about what you’re doing to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Share your fitness goals with a friend. If you vocalize your goals, you’re more likely to accomplish them.


6. Get support.

TOPS.org is a nonprofit weight loss group with meetings held each week all over the country. Just locate the closest meeting for a weigh in, get some support, and meet nice people.

There are in the same boat as you. For more great ideas on healthy living, visit www.reddit.com/r/Healthy_Trucking/.

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