Keep on (Healthy) Truckin’

World Health Day is April 7. Be less of a trucker (in a good way) with these easy ideas.*
World Health Day is April 7. Be less of a trucker (in a good way) with these easy ideas.*

Get moving.
Even if it’s walking for 15 minutes a day, that’s something. You don’t even need to join a gym. Check Fit For Trucking’s quick exercise routines while on the road. Each video routine takes only 3-5 minutes so you can build up your guns, your heartrate, and shrink your bottom line in almost no time at all.

Tip: Travel with your dog. Aside from being a great companion, he needs the exercise anyway, right?

Drink more water.
It’s a given you’re going to lose weight when you stop downing empty calories in bottled coffee, milk, and whatever’s hiding in your energy drink. Take a gallon jug of water with you and make an effort to drink at least half of that per day.

Tip: Can’t stand the flavorless flav of water? Grab some Crystal Light.

Pack protein-packed snacks.
You’re on the road sitting most of the time, so you probably don’t need as many calories as the guy unloading the trucks. Protein has the kind of staying power you need to keep you full without all of the calories. Look for hard-boiled eggs, nuts, olives, rolled up deli meats, and cheese.

Tip: Stay away from protein powders as a substitute for natural proteins.

Log your food to stay accountable.
Yeah, I know. Another logbook…just what you need. But MyFitnessPal is a free, quick app with more than five million foods–including restaurant and fast food options—so you can at least see first-hand how many calories (or carbs) those burritos are packing. Gitcha some on Apple or Android.

Tip: Once you start memorizing your food’s nutritional values, you probably won’t need to log in beyond a few weeks, save for occasional nutritional information searches.

Get support. is a nonprofit weight loss group meeting weekly all over the country, and you don’t even have to belong to just one group. Just locate the closest meeting to weigh in, get some support, and meet some nice people.

Tip: There are people out there in your same boat. Want some more great ideas for healthy living? Visit

*Disclaimer: Remember: we’re not doctors. Be sure to seek out medical advice before taking part in any exercise or dietary changes, just to be safe.