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Payment Options 2.99% Quick Pay Rate Funds Availability Transaction Fee Details Fuel Card check_circle 1 Hour – Next Day ACH check_circle Next Business Day – Submit by 8pm ET Same Day ACH check_circle Same Business Day $3 Submit by 12pm ET Same Day Wire Transfer check_circle Same Business Day $25 Submit by 4pm ET *Business

Fuel Card

Pay’s Fuel Card payment option gives you your money within 1 hour of request, including evenings and weekends. Get paid directly on your fuel card, and get your money within an hour. Submit your request for fuel card payment anytime. Pay just a 2.99% quick pay fee. No transaction fee. Supports transfers to EFS and


  1 Book and deliver your load to the destination.     2 Submit your paperwork to yourbroker.     3 Broker approves and schedulesyour payment. You’ll get a detailed confirmation email.   4 Pay will automatically depositfunds into your bank account. Get paid fast with quick pay. Pay a flat rate of 2.99% with