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freight lanes
Why Freight Lanes Are Good For Carriers

What is a freight lane? A freight lane is any route that a carrier covers on a regular schedule. Freight lanes are also known as shipping lanes or trucking lanes. These lanes might connect multiple cities or transport hubs. They can be direct point-to-point, connect multiple points in any shape, or travel in any direction.

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amazon prime day
Amazon Prime Day 2020: Logistics and Trucking Industry Impacts

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) has moved its Prime Day up to October 13 – 14 this year. Amazon Prime Day usually leads to a high surge in online shopping, and this year’s two-day event kicks off the holiday shopping season early. Typically held in July, the date change is due to Covid-19’s impact. Amazon couldn’t handle the volume

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blog freight logistics
Freight Logistics

In trucking, freight logistics refers to the resources and processes involved in finding efficient routes for fleet vehicles, locating cost-effective fuel sources, finding capable vehicles and drivers, and determining the best ways to store and transport goods from their point of origin to their destination. Put simply, freight logistics encompasses the hands-on process of handling

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There’s a 900-Pound Gorilla in Your Lane

Recent news from Amazon underscores the importance of assessing and protecting your tech-driven advantage Whether it’s first mile, middle mile, or last mile, Amazon is intent on owning the transportation and logistics market. And it’s making significant progress. As the world’s largest retailer (more than $100 billion in annual revenue and a market cap nearing $400

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