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Podcast: A People-First Approach to Trucking with Joyce Brenny, Founder of Brenny Transportation

Joyce Brenny

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To Joyce Brenny, CEO of Brenny Logistics, people come first, and profit comes second. And by living out the core values of trust, communication, commitment, accountability, and results, Brenny Transportation has grown into an empire that continues to prioritize treating people with respect and finding ways to serve.

In this episode, Joyce sits down with host and Truckstop Chief Relationship Officer, Brent Hutto, to discuss the growth of Brenny Transportation from their humble beginnings, her people-first approach, and her other passion: advocacy work.

Putting Drivers First

In 1995 Joyce worked as a General Manager at a large trucking corporation and was often met with complaints from drivers about their routes and locations, feeling they had been deceived about the position specifics. Joyce knew this deception had come from upper management, who weren’t concerned about how this affected drivers.

One driver’s complaint was her breaking point,  and she no longer wanted to be the in-between person dealing with the fallout. She knew to make a difference and change the culture, she had to be the change.

That was when Brenny Transportation was born. 

Joyce started Brenny Transportation by prioritizing drivers’ concerns and well-being. The company continues to emphasize the idea that drivers are exceptional and are the heartbeat of the business, and this culture remains a cornerstone of the organization today.

“It is our job to do everything for them except drive that truck, from getting directions to making sure their rig is running perfectly safely, mechanically and everything from talking to the brokers, to the customers, and getting the directions and setting, we do everything. They have enough to handle driving that truck and figuring out where they’re gonna park that rig every night.”

Joyce Brenny, CEO of Brenny Transportation

People First Mentality

Starting out with just one truck in 1996, Brenny Transportation has grown to be one of the best fleets to drive for. When asked the reason for their success, Joyce explains it all comes down to their culture and their people-first approach. 

“It’s about the people. You put the people first, and then the profits come, and of course, you have to have some goals. I’m not saying that you don’t, but people first profit second. But it just really, really has to focus on doing your best. If you’re doing your best, you’re gonna grow.” 

According to Joyce, if you do your best, you will grow, simply because your customers will both need and want you to. Since the very beginning, the Brenny Transportation team has kept in communication with their customers, asking them what it is they need or want from them and putting it into action as best they can. They have never focussed on being the biggest, simply the best, and they’ve never not made a profit—so the culture truly speaks for itself.

An Advocate For Everyone

Joyce is a very successful CEO and Founder, but that is not all she does. She currently acts on multiple trucking boards, advocating for absolutely everyone, particularly females, in the trucking industry. She is passionate about making the industry safer for all members, with a special focus on drivers given the job often leads them to being alone in remote or more dangerous areas. When she sees an issue, she goes out to fix it.

“I always say that you can stand on the sideline and gripe all you want, you’re never gonna solve one single problem. You gotta be in the game and is getting in the game scary? Oh, heck, yeah. And most people think that I’m just this outspoken, you know, crazy love to talk person. I’m really an introvert and I put myself out there because it’s what I’m called to do. And I have such a passion for it that, you know, I think it’s just important. You have to go outside your comfort zone to accomplish anything.”

Drawing on her Psychology degree, Joyce also works with The St. Christopher Truckers’ Development and Relief Fund, which assists drivers who encounter health issues, whether that be through funding treatment, finding solutions for the root causes of the issues, or, more recently, preventative care.

To learn more about Joyce’s journey, tune into this episode of Freight Nation: A Trucking Podcast on Apple, Spotify, or your favorite podcast platform.

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