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A Freight Broker’s Guide to Carrier Insurance Monitoring

Broker researching carrier insurance monitoring

As a freight broker, you are the go-between for shippers and carriers. You might already know that it’s important to require proof of insurance during the carrier selection process. But did you know that even if you have a carrier’s certificate of insurance on file, you might be still be held legally responsible if something

A Broker’s Guide: How to Automate Carrier Onboarding and Monitoring

brokers in the office

In the broker industry, carriers are more than the people who move products safely on a deadline. As part of your transportation team, they’re also an extension of the services you, as the broker, provide to your clients. An honest, trustworthy, qualified carrier can go a long way to growing and maintaining your reputation among

Carrier Monitoring

Carrier compliance shouldn’t stop at onboarding. Make sure you’re diligent to the finish line with ongoing carrier compliance monitoring. SaferWatch® Guardian Import unlimited carriers for automatic monitoring in your TMS. Find, qualify, and monitor carrier authority, insurance, safety rating, and CSA-e percentile scores. Create custom email alerts. Starting at $79 USD/User/Month Request A Demo SaferWatch®