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Looking Back at 2021 to Move Ahead in 2022
Looking Back at 2021
to Move Ahead in 2022

As we usher in a new year full of opportunity and possibility, it’s important to look back at all that happened in 2021. What a whirlwind year it was in the freight world—marked by recordbreaking numbers and unprecedented activity. As we reflect upon lessons learned, experiences gained, and milestones achieved, we can approach 2022 with.

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digital freight matching
Digital Freight Matching

Curious about what digital freight matching is all about? Learn about digital freight matching and the idea that a carrier can simply tap to accept a load and then hit the road..

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Truckstop.com Brings Book It Now Digital Freight Matching To Mercurygate’s TMS Customers

Transportation and logistics industry leaders Truckstop.com and MercuryGate International today announced the availability of Truckstop.com Book It Now digital freight matching technology with MercuryGate’s comprehensive SaaS transportation management system (TMS). “Not only is MercuryGate one of the largest and fastest-growing TMS platforms in the industry, they are also an innovation leader,” said Brett Webb, chief.

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2020 at a glance
2020 At A Glance

As we kick off 2021, we want to take a moment to celebrate and thank all the amazing men and women who supported us through one of the weirdest and most challenging years in recent memory. Thanks to you and your continued dedication, critical medical supplies were delivered, shelves were stocked, building materials were shipped,.

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starting fresh in 2021 with lessons learned from 2020
Starting Fresh in 2021 with Lessons Learned from 2020

It’s hard to believe the year is nearly over, yet, when I look back, it’s amazing to think about everything that has happened this year. There have been tremendous challenges and strains put on individuals, companies, and communities. We’ve each faced unique struggles as we’ve tried to deal with a “new normal.” And yet, through.

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amazon prime day
Amazon Prime Day 2020: Logistics and Trucking Industry Impacts

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) has moved its Prime Day up to October 13 – 14 this year. Amazon Prime Day usually leads to a high surge in online shopping, and this year’s two-day event kicks off the holiday shopping season early. Typically held in July, the date change is due to Covid-19’s impact. Amazon couldn’t handle the volume.

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Truckstop.com Announces Load Post and Rate Mate Integration with FreightZip

Truckstop.com, the first online load board, is pleased to announce its latest integration with FreightZip, a transportation management system (TMS) shared between shipper and provider that makes managing spot market freight collaborative. With this integration, FreightZip customers can access the Truckstop.com Load Board from within their environment, which also gives them access to detailed information.

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truckstop 25th anniversary
25 Years And Still In It For The Long Haul

It was 1995, a year when John Michael Montgomery and Tim McGraw were topping the country charts, while the country was gripped by the OJ Simpson trial. Braveheart and Apollo 13 were winning in theaters. The Atlanta Braves won their first World Series. Steve Young and Jerry Rice carried the San Francisco 49ers to another.

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Truckstop.com announces integration
Truckstop.com Announces Load Post and Load Search integration with Amous International

Truckstop.com is pleased to announce a new integration with Amous International, makers of Amous TMS, a multi-platform transportation management solution that easily adapts to any size logistics operation. The integration pairs Amous TMS with Truckstop.com Load Post and Load Search, giving Amous customers access to North America’s largest neutral freight marketplace. “At Amous TMS, we.

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An Open Letter on Discrimination

Recent evidences of racism and violence have devastated our country and our communities, causing sadness, fear, anger and disbelief. At Truckstop.com we condemn all acts of discrimination and injustice in any form and know that injustice cannot be corrected with injustice. With so many around the world divided, we reiterate our focus to a common.

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