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Rate Checker: Start Leveraging Data to Increase Your Profits

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In trucking, accurate rate information for loads is crucial to maximize profits and keep your business moving. From carriers and owner-operators to freight brokers, having the most up-to-date market rate insights helps you make informed decisions to run your business efficiently.

That’s why Truckstop is bringing you Rate Checker, a free and easy-to-use tool that lets you check rates according to your business and vehicle type and start and end locations. It also shows you rate trends over time based on your criteria so you can negotiate with confidence.

Rate Checker goes beyond the basics and gives you a business tool you can rely on.

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Rate Checker for Carriers

For trucking owner-operators or carriers, staying ahead of the curve is essential to thriving in a competitive industry. Rate Checker offers you the ability to:

Make the most for every mile

To run a successful trucking operation, you need to maximize your earnings per mile. Rate Checker provides you with accurate pay rate information for loads based on the type of truck you drive, the region you operate in, and the existing market conditions. You get access to real-time data that enables you to make strategic decisions about the most profitable routes and loads, ensuring you get the most out of every haul.

Negotiating with confidence

Armed with current market rate data, you can confidently engage with brokers to negotiate fair and profitable rates, ensuring that your hard work translates into higher earnings. Rate Checker eliminates guesswork and uncertainty, providing you with accurate information to negotiate with confidence.

Rate Checker for Brokers

As a freight broker, you understand the challenges of attracting carriers, increasing margins, and ensuring smooth operations. Rate Checker offers you the ability to:

Streamline and expedite your booking speed

Time is money in the freight brokerage business. Rate Checker empowers you to book and move more loads—faster. With quick and easy access to current market rates and load specifics, you can get more hauls on the road. By streamlining your load booking process, Rate Checker helps you increase efficiency and profitability.

Make data-driven decisions

Rate Checker shows market trends, regional fluctuations, and other factors that influence pricing. This information helps you make data-driven decisions that optimize your operations and improve your overall performance.

Rate Checker bridges the gap between trucking owner-operators, carriers, and freight brokers. This free tool empowers all trucking professionals to get loads moving at the best price possible. Move more loads faster with quick and easy access to the going rate, right down to load specifics. Get started today!

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