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shipping containers awaiting freight forwarding
Freight Forwarders vs. Freight Brokers: What You Need to Know

Freight brokers and freight forwarders are both part of the freight industry. Both coordinate the movement of freight for a third party, connect shippers and carriers, negotiate freight rates, and track and ensure delivery. But there is one key difference. A freight broker coordinates the connection between shippers and carriers but does not handle freight

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LTL Truckload
How to Choose the Right LTL Freight Carrier

Brokers who work with less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping help consolidate smaller shipments from multiple shippers sending freight to the same place. Getting into the LTL shipping market can be difficult. But brokers who break in can offer LTL shipping services at the lowest cost and differentiate themselves from competitors. What is an LTL carrier? LTL freight

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freight carrier
What is a Freight Carrier?

Freight carriers are the individuals or companies that transport goods to their destination on behalf of a shipper. Shippers are the companies that have or make the goods needing to be shipped. The type of freight carrier you use depends on what they ship. For example, cargo and sometimes standard airlines carry air freight. Ocean

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Spot Freight Rates

Technology has disrupted many industries worldwide, but most people don’t think about its impact on the freight and cargo industry. One of the chief impacts has been on spot freight rates, also called spot-buy freight. While traditionally, spot freight is used to find rates for a last-minute shipment, it’s becoming a more common tactic that

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A Broker’s Guide to CSA Scores: How Do CSA Percentiles Work?

Did you know that a CSA (compliance, safety, accountability) rating can make or break a carrier’s career? In fact, CSA scores are critical and can determine a carrier’s success. CSA scores are assigned to a motor carrier’s unique transportation number rather than a driver’s personal record. The lower their score, the better. Carriers with low

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A person driving a truck.
DOT Compliance: A Need-to-Know Checklist for Brokers

As a broker, you understand the importance of building relationships with reliable carriers and moving quickly to book loads. Finding carriers that are serious about following safety regulations, including Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance, is essential to the health of your business. Part of being a dependable carrier is understanding DOT compliance and committing to

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A broker using a laptop.
8 Key Components of Effective Carrier Management

Freight brokers work with shippers and carriers to help companies move goods from one place to the next through the supply chain in a timely manner for a fair rate. One important part of a freight broker’s job is managing their carriers’ activities to help ensure that loads are delivered on time and as promised.

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Texas flag painted on a shipping container.
How to Become a Freight Broker in Texas (5 Steps)

New freight brokers who want to start their business in Texas must be willing to take responsibility for tracking freight, keeping detailed records of all communication with shippers and carriers, and overseeing the legal part of their role in the supply chain. Texas has more miles of highways and roads than any other state in

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Broker using a calculator
Freight Broker Salary: How Much Do Brokers Make Each Year?

Unlike many salaried jobs in the United States, freight broker income is harder to determine. That’s because there are several ways a freight broker can be employed and get paid. The location also has a huge impact on freight broker salary. Looking online, freight brokers have a salary range from $42,926 (payscale.com) to $93,618 per

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