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LTL freight broker
10 Benefits of Using a LTL Freight Broker

Less than truckload freight (LTL) is a good way for carriers to fill trailers with multiple stops in a single area that make their loads more worthwhile and profitable. However, finding these loads takes a certain amount of work, and doing it quickly and efficiently is vital to a carrier’s success. That’s where an LTL

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brokers in the office
A Broker’s Guide: How to Automate Carrier Onboarding and Monitoring

In the broker industry, carriers are more than the people who move products safely on a deadline. As part of your transportation team, they’re also an extension of the services you, as the broker, provide to your customers. An honest, trustworthy, qualified carrier can help you maintain your reputation among shippers and grow your business.

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Broker using a cell phone.
Do you have what it takes to become a freight broker?

Are you considering becoming a freight broker, or are you currently setting up your own brokerage business? Freight brokering is often a natural career step for many supply chain professionals; but to make a successful transition or set up a profitable business, it’s important to understand what a freight broker does and how they operate.

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Freight Broker Business Plan
Freight Broker Business Plan

As the name implies, a freight broker business is the link between freight shippers and carriers. As a freight broker, you will receive requests from companies that need goods shipped and match them to carriers for transport. But how do you make that happen? How do you take your freight broker business from an idea

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Trucks parked in a lot.
Truckstop Partner Marketplace September Roundup

Our goal at Truckstop is to support freight industry professionals any way we can. To that end, and to help brokers, carriers, and shippers quickly and easily find solutions that meet the needs of small businesses in the freight industry, we built the Truckstop Partner Marketplace. All partners are thoroughly vetted, so you can find

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Rockstars of the road
A Week Dedicated to our Nation’s Truck Drivers

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is September 11 – 17, 2022. If you have food in your house, a refrigerator to put it in, a table to eat it at, and a chair to sit in, you can be certain a truck driver delivered it, whether directly to your house or to the store it

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truck driver with hands on steering wheel
21 DOT Violations Every Broker Should Monitor

As a freight broker, you might already understand what DOT violations can mean for your business. However, many essential details may remain unclear. What exactly are DOT violations, and what happens when you get one? Do DOT violations go on your record? What are the fines for DOT violations? What are the top ten DOT

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person on laptop
Truckstop Partner Marketplace August Roundup

This summer, Truckstop launched the Truckstop.com Partner Marketplace, a comprehensive transportation and logistics marketplace of products, solutions, and integrations to help carriers, brokers, and shippers find everything they need under one convenient roof. Beyond freight matching, Truckstop offers a platform of solutions, products, and services that make life as a freight professional easier. Whether you’re

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person sitting holding a phone and looking at laptop
How to Become a Freight Broker in Florida (9 Steps)

If you enjoy logistics and the freight industry, you might wonder how to start working as a freight broker in Florida. Becoming a freight broker gives you increased control over your work as you serve as a sort of matchmaker between shippers and the trucking companies that deliver their goods. A new freight broker in

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