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Display advertising

Place your ad on the #1 load board and in front of the freight industry’s top decision makers.

Reach your ideal customer.

  • 200,000+ active users
  • 30,000 carrier accounts
  • 11,000 broker accounts
  • 9,000 broker/carrier combo accounts
  • 40MM monthly carrier impressions
  • 25MM monthly broker impressions
  • Access to 1,000,000 power units
  • Avg. session of 61 minutes


  • Audience segmenting: Target brokers and/or carriers
  • Geo-targeting: Region, state, metro, and city
  • Conversion tracking: Know when and where your conversions are coming from
  • Reporting: Automated (weekly/monthly) reports
  • Optimization: Ongoing analysis and optimization toward the highest converting traffic
  • Creative services: Ad artwork and landing pages available
Screens showing the locations you can advertise on the Truckstop.com load board.

Banner and button placements available with cost per 1,000 impressions starting at $1.75.