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Pay for carriers

Get paid in four simple steps.

Getting loads is great. Getting paid is critical.(We make both easy.)

Free Signup

Using Pay is easy.

Take control of how and when you get paid with our secure ACH payment platform, free for carriers. When you’re working with a broker who uses Pay as their payment platform, your accounts receivable process doesn’t change.



Book and deliver your
load to the destination.


Submit your paperwork to your


Broker approves and schedules
your payment. You’ll get a detailed
confirmation email.


Pay will automatically deposit
funds into your bank account.

How to Use Quick Pay

Learn how to select quick pay within the mobile app or your browser with this short video.
Learn More

Quick Pay via Fuel Card

Pay supports EFS or Fleet One fuel cards, download the applications here.
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Stay organized with the Pay app.

  • Easily search payment history. Preview scheduled payments, previous payments and payments you’ve selected for quick pay.
  • View load details including payment date, invoice date, load ID, and origin/destination.
  • Find out when you’ll receive your next payment by filtering based on scheduled term date.
  • Also available via your web browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pay is a secure payment platform used by brokers to pay carriers and factoring companies via FREE ACH on all term payments. A quick pay option is also available for a flat 2.99% rate that puts you in control of when and how you get paid.

Using Pay means no more calls to brokers regarding delayed checks. You can count on receiving your payment via ACH on the date clearly posted in the Truckstop.com Pay system.

A Pay account is free to create and maintain. Your term payments will be received via ACH at no cost to you on the term date.

Quick pay is a payment option that puts money in your account as early as the same day the broker approves payment. It offers four different payment options: fuel card, next-day ACH, same-day ACH, and wire transfer. Learn more

Pay is not a factoring service. It is a payment platform with a quick-pay option. Pay does not require a contract, minimum volume, transaction fees, maintenance fees, sign-up, or termination fees. Pay has all the benefits of factoring without the fine print.

Yes, check out these quick videos that will help you get up and running with Pay:

Pay – Carrier Quick Start
How to Use Quick Pay

Is Pay secure?

Yes! Pay is backed by 256-bit encryption and partnered with an established FDIC-insured financial institution, so you have peace of mind knowing your account information and load transactions are safely stored behind bank-grade security.

How does it work?

It’s simple. When a broker you are working with uses Pay, you will receive an email notification of an available payment and invite to sign up for a FREE Pay account. Once you have created your account, you will receive a FREE ACH deposit on the broker’s load payment term date. If you would like to get paid faster, there is a quick-pay option that’s simple and easy to use— learn how.

How do I get paid?

Once you have set up your Pay account, you will get paid via FREE ACH on the broker’s term date. You can also get paid faster by selecting Quick Pay. Learn about the payment options.

Are there sign-up or termination fees?

No. It is FREE to create, maintain, and even terminate a Pay account.

Are there minimum/maximum volume requirements?

No, there are no volume requirements. You pick and choose the loads you want to quick pay.

Will a UCC financing statement be filed?

No. Pay is not a factoring company, so a UCC financing statement will not be filed.

Am I charged a fee per invoice? Or a maintenance fee?

No, there are no fees or charges when you use Pay unless you select quick pay, which charges a low, flat 2.99% rate. Learn more

Where do I send my paperwork?

You will still send all of your paperwork to your broker/shipper in order for them to schedule payments to you.

How do I find a list of brokers that use the service?

We do not have a publicly available list of our users. You may request that your broker/shipper pay you via Pay. They can reach us at PaySales@truckstop.com. We’ll help them get set up, or they can register for their FREE account at https://pay.truckstsop.com.

How do I know when a broker adds a load for me to get paid on?

An email notification will be sent to you with load information and the payment amount. You can also log in to your account via your browser or mobile app and review your scheduled payments.

When will I get paid if I don’t use quick pay?

You will receive payment via FREE ACH on the broker’s scheduled payment/term date.

If I sign up for Pay, do I have to use it on every load?

No, you will only receive deposits from Pay if the broker you are working with is using Pay. Once you’ve set up your Pay account, you only need to act if you decide to use Quick Pay. All other deposits from Pay will happen automatically via FREE ACH.

Do I have to use quick pay every time I move a load for a particular Broker?

No, you have the flexibility to pick and choose the loads you select for quick pay.

All Truckstop Pay services are provided through LoadPay, LLC, a division of Truckstop.com.