Introducing Book It Now: Instant Load Booking for Carriers

Book loads instantly with brokers you trust

Book It Now is a new feature that will help you make more money. Save time when you book loads instantly with trusted brokers.

Fewer phone calls = more time to drive. Give yourself a raise.

What is Book It Now?

Book It Now allows you to book loads with one click.

Before booking the load, you will always see all important information, such as:

  • Rate
  • Pickup & Dropoff information
  • Broker information
  • Other details about the load

Book It Now loads are safe and legitimate to book.

How do I use Book It Now?

Book It Now is a natural feature of the Load Board. When navigating to the application on your desktop device, you’ll see Book It Now loads conveniently displayed in a dedicated column. This column shows the flat rate offered with Book It Now instant load booking. By clicking on the load, you’ll be provided with additional details, including actual load location and rate. You can easily book instantly from here – at any time of day.

It’s also quick and easy to use from’s Mobile application. To download Truckstop Mobile, click here. 

From Truckstop Mobile, you will be able to book loads in a few clicks, without ever having to pick up the phone. (Note: you can only instantly book loads from the mobile app at this time).

  1. On Truckstop Mobile, set your filter to Book It Now loads to see available loads that you can book.
  2. Once you have found the load you want to book, click “Book It Now”.
  3. You will see a screen so that you can review the details before booking. If all the details are correct, click “Confirm”.
  4. If load tracking is required, you’ll be asked to assign a driver to the load. After that, you’re done!

Help! I don’t see any Book It Now loads.

If you’re not seeing any Book It Now loads listed, it’s possible there currently aren’t any loads available for instant booking in that lane. Are you on Truckstop Mobile? Remember, you will only see Book It Now loads when you toggle on “Book It Now” inside the mobile app. If you need to download Truckstop Mobile, click here. 

For you to see Book It Now loads, brokers must add you to their preferred carriers list. Since Book It Now is new, brokers are still updating lists.

Want the brokers you work with to add you to their preferred carrier list, so you can get started?

Send them our email template.

What if I have questions?

We want to help you get the most out of Book It Now… so you can make more money.

If you have questions, please visit Community.

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