Load tracking for Carriers.

Offer trusted freight partners total load visibility.

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Accept load tracking.

Get a text notification to view and accept the load from your Broker.

Drive your route.

See important trip data including rate, distance, weather, and check-calls from one screen.

Upload documents.

Exchange documents with your Broker by taking a picture and uploading it.

Get paid easier.

Access trip data from the app to fill out your invoices for up to 90 days.

Real time visibility for better rates.

Build Broker and Shipper trust with the dependable load tracking software for Owner Operators and Fleet Owners that offers you hands-free check calls and easy, in-app doc sharing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We do not share any of your information with outside parties. We understand this is a real fear for Carriers and appreciate how much trust they’re placing in us when they use our app. Please reach out if you have additional concerns: support@truckstop.com.
Only location information is shared with your Broker and it occurs once-per-hour while you’re actively hauling a load. As soon as you’ve dropped off or 24 hours after the drop-off time has passed, the app automatically shuts off and no more location data will be transmitted.
No. You won’t see any measurable decrease in battery performance or an increase in your data usage.
Yes, we combine enterprise-class security features including 128-bit AES encryption. We also perform regular comprehensive audits of our applications, systems, and networks to ensure your data is always protected.
That may be true but other companies don’t offer the same time-saving and streamlining features Truckstop.com can. For example, the app can store your gate tickets so you’ll never get an unfair detention violation again. It can also automate your check calls so you won’t have to answer the phone every six hours. Plus, all of your data will be at your fingertips when filling out invoices.
The load tracking app is free for Carriers.
Yes. Just make sure you’re signed in with your active Truckstop.com Carrier account. If you need an account, visit https://truckstop.com/get-started or call 1-888-364-1189.
No. Your smartphone or tablet must have a cellular data plan.
Yes. Click on the My Loads section and then on Scheduled Loads. From there you will see the option to cancel.
If your Truckstop.com account was linked to your company or you were using a company phone to access the app, you’ll need to create a new Truckstop.com account with your personal email address (or your new company email address).
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