Mobile Apps that Make Your Trucking Business More Efficient

Advancements in technology are changing the way we do our jobs; this is particularly true in the trucking industry. The cab of a truck also serves as a driver’s office, as such, it’s clearly not large enough to accommodate the traditional paperwork needed for processing loads.

The more efficient the process, the more profitable the business – that’s why truck drivers across the nation are not only accepting technology, but they’re embracing it.

Additionally, handheld devices and smart phones are helping to transform the trucking and transportation industry. Having flexible fleet solutions that make running a business easier, also make a business more productive and profitable. Mobile fleet solutions are providing everything a driver might need for business – from brokering a load or checking a load board to organizing paperwork and managing receipts.

The average truck driver is paid per mile and expected to travel between 2,000 and 3,000 miles based on a 70-hour maximum weekly restriction.

Knowing your cost per mile is important to being profitable. Determine your cost per mile.

A majority of trucking companies pay between $0.28 and $0.40 cents per mile according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. While regulations have been put in place for safety, compliance to keep up can sometimes hinder productivity which is why drivers are focusing on improving efficiencies so they can maximize the value of every scheduled load.

Mobile apps for trucking are helping by providing ways to stay on top of time, and in some cases, even get ahead of it.

10 Mobile Apps that Help Make Business Better
1. Truckstop Mobile

Access the web’s most active load board, post and find loads and trucks, make and receive load payments, manage a fleet, track freight, and more—directly from your mobile device.

2. CoPilot Truck Navigation

This fleet mobile app is voice-activated and can help truck drivers calculate the most efficient route based on the size, type, and weight of the specific load being moved. It can show potential commercial vehicle restrictions and identify the best routes for multi-stop deliveries based on the load type. This GPS app will even work offline when you’re out of service range or need to save data.

3. CamScanner

This app creates efficiencies and reduces errors by organizing contracts, receipts, and paperwork in a digital cloud. Many fleet managers use this app for saving and sending documents based on remittance requirements.

4. Big Road

This mobile app provides a digital logbook program that automatically calculates available drive time based on the hours of service (HOS) rules.

5. TruckLogics

This trucking app is a powerful logistics tool that stores and organizes all records in a digital cloud and provides 24/7 access to your important documents. It can be used to manage invoices, dispatches, maintenance, and payroll. TruckLogics makes it easier for owner-operators to manage more aspects of a trucking business while on-the-road.

6. Park My Truck

The National Association of Truck Stop Operators developed this app so truckers could see available parking locations within 50-250 miles of their current location.

7. Road Breakers

This most important aspect of this app is its ability to access phone data even if you’re in a dead service zone. It can also help to find parking locations and provides live updates that are critical for over-the-road fleets.

8. Cost Per Mile

This cost-per-mile app keeps track of trucking business expenses, tracking all spending per mile which helps reduce human error and maximizes profitability.

9. Cat Scale Weigh My Truck

This mobile app helps saves time at weigh stations allowing the driver to skip leaving their truck. Combined with a fuel card and a mobile phone, the app can weigh the truck and provide payment all at the same time.

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10. NOAA Radar

This weather app by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) sends a notification to your phone when inclement weather is approaching your current location. It can guide in-trip preparation and provide warnings in cases of severe weather conditions while you’re on the road which can save time and money.

Mobile apps in trucking are assisting with everything from load boards, weather warnings, parking information, and truck stop locations to operational functions and GPS. In an industry where time really is money, fleet mobile is creating efficiencies that translate to productivity, and that makes for better business.
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