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As a carrier or owner-operator, you need FMCSA authority to get your business rolling. Learn how Truckstop can help!

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FMCSA authority is key to launching your own trucking business, whether you operate solo or hire drivers to work for you. But getting that operating authority is a tedious process. At Truckstop, we make it simple. And once you have your FMCSA authority, you’ll need to find high-paying loads to keep your trucks on the road. Our carrier authority registration packages include our Load Board Pro service free for two months, a $298 value.

  • Make it simple.
  • Make it accurate.
  • Find high-paying loads with Load Board Pro.
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Make it simple.

Getting FMCSA authority means dealing with complex bureaucracy. You’ll need to file a ream of paperwork and jump through a lot of hoops. Whether you need federal operating authority only, or both federal and state authority, let Truckstop worry about the details. You have enough to focus on while setting up your business.

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Make it accurate.

You can’t start operating independently until you have FMCSA authority, but the forms can be complicated and confusing. Any little mistake could cause weeks of delays or even cause your application to be rejected altogether. We’ll double-check everything before submitting it, ensuring that your entire application package is accurate and filed promptly.

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Find high-paying loads with Load Board Pro.

Search for loads that meet your specific criteria from fully vetted and trustworthy shippers and brokers. Get real-time updates to search the hottest lanes. Use Rate Insights to negotiate competitive rates. Plan your routes with the multi-trip option, and get the details you need to choose brokers you feel comfortable with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our carrier packages start at just $695, including all filing fees. And don’t forget, that includes two free months of Load Board Pro, worth $298.
It’s up to you. You can go through the process yourself, which includes multiple forms and nearly a dozen steps (plus whatever hoops your state requires you to jump through).Or you can let Truckstop do the work. Just fill out our streamlined, easy-to-follow carrier authority application, and we’ll take it from there. We will walk you through the process step by step, helping you understand what to expect, taking care of your paperwork, and ensuring that everything is filed accurately and promptly.

And our support doesn’t end when you receive your FMCSA authority. We know you won’t get far in your business if you don’t book the loads you need to keep your trucks rolling. That’s why we offer two free months of Load Board Pro with our FMCSA authority packages for carriers. You’ll get access to high-paying loads from trusted and thoroughly vetted shippers and brokers and all the information you need to negotiate the best rates and choose the loads that are right for you.