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Truckstop.com was founded in 1995, when founder Scott Moscrip began offering a better way for truck drivers to find loads than by posting signs on the side of their trucks or gathering around local bulletin boards.

Now, over two decades later, Scott’s digital vision has grown and Truckstop.com’s dedicated partners work to help truck drivers and their trusted freight partners grow their businesses. His guiding idea is still the same—always work to find a better way.

400+ partners
20+ years in business
7 locations

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The Ronald McDonald House

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Truckstop.com is a family that makes me feel at home.

Everyone is passionate and focused on becoming the best-in-class transportation solution.

We want to create an environment of service at Truckstop.com. At the end of each day, my hope is that each of our partners (employees) heads home thinking three things: I learned something, I helped others be successful, and I worked to my fullest potential.''

Paris Cole Chief Executive Officer

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