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From the world’s first online load board to a trusted technology leader. We’re passionate about helping truck drivers and freight brokers manage their freight from end to end. We’ve developed great friendships in the transportation industry for over 25 years and continue to work hard to make our customers’ lives easier. So they can focus on what’s really important.

Our Story

Our founder, Scott Moscrip, was inspired to transform an industry from bulletin boards and signs on the side of the road to a modern, innovative solution online. In a day where eBay and Windows 95 were just launched, Scott envisioned a cloud-based SaaS solution for matching truck drivers and freight that was innovative beyond the time. He created the first online load board in his basement in 1995 and has continued to grow Truckstop.com into what it is today. Over 450 employees and 7 locations across the US and Canada.

Truckstop.com is the largest neutral freight matching marketplace in North America and is solving transportation problems from finding quality partners to getting paid quickly.

We’re the trusted partner that creates a “Better Way” for everyone in our freight community to grow and prosper.

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We believe in doing the right thing. No matter what. Especially when it comes to serving others. We are a tight-knit team focused on creating innovative and quality products that drive success for our customers.

We are winners. It’s a safe, fun, and collaborative environment that empowers each other to do big things and achieve more together. We hold each other accountable to be better people. Whether at work, home, or on the road.

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Truckstop.com Culture

We want to create an environment of service at Truckstop.com. At the end of each day, my hope is that each of our partners (employees) heads home thinking three things: I learned something, I helped others be successful, and I worked to my fullest potential.”

Paris Cole
Chief Executive Officer
Paris Cole

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