’s Rate Analysis Now Available for Software Integrations

Big Data For Your Rates is pleased to announce the release of its Rate Analysis API, allowing customers to integrate the comprehensive rates platform directly into their TMS, ERP, load board, or other 3rd party software.

Rate Analysis is a cloud-based rate platform with state-of-the-art big data storage, management, and processing capabilities. Beyond making the industry’s largest pool of market rate data available for integrations, the Rate Analysis API also makes some major innovations to data management and analysis available to integration partners. Users will now be able to privately and securely store unlimited rate data in Rate Analysis, mapping data from disparate systems and sources into a well-managed cloud data environment.

“As the industry gets more technological, data management is becoming a really key task,” said Trent Broberg, General Manager.

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The Rate Analysis data environment also lets customers manage multiple rate sources and customized calculations for different tasks. This includes analysis of the customer’s private data, the market data, and 3rd party paid rate sources. Finally, the API can return lane rates from any custom calculation setup directly to the customer’s system, giving real-time analysis in their day-to-day workflow.

“We’ve greatly expanded and crowd sourced our market data, but it’s what you do with that data that matters,” said Broberg. “Rate Analysis is a comprehensive tool for pricing and data management, to really make insights visible. Integrating that functionality right into their existing software and workflow will be game changing.”

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