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Truckstop.com announces Book It Now for Freight Marketplace

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  • New feature allows freight brokers and 3PLs of any size to add instant load booking functionality to their business
  • Carriers will be able to see Book It Now loads from freight brokers they trust

One month after announcing the successful completion of the Book It Now pilot program, Truckstop, the largest neutral freight matching marketplace in North America, announced that Book It Now will be available beginning November 18th. The new feature will be available free, for a limited time, to freight brokers using Truckstop Load Board Pro. The feature is free for carriers and available with all Load Board accounts.

“It’s cliché to talk about innovation as ‘disruption’,” said Paris Cole, CEO of Truckstop. “As one of the original tech innovators in the transportation industry, we’re not trying to disrupt the system, we’re making it better. Book It Now improves broker-carrier relationships, giving freight brokers a way to build their business by covering loads more efficiently with carriers they trust. For carriers, Book It Now gives them freedom to stay on the road, go where they want to go, and make more money—without having to worry about fraud, paperwork, or other time-consuming logistics tasks.”

Early feedback from the Book it Now pilot program indicates that brokers may save as many as 2-3 hours covering loads depending on market conditions and lanes. Freight brokers decide the rate and allow their preferred carriers to instantly book loads, eliminating negotiations. The time saved allows the broker to move more loads, grow their client lists, and increase their bottom line.

For carriers, Book it Now allows them to instantly book loads with brokers they trust and receive an automated rate confirmation. By eliminating extra phone calls, carriers have more time to hit their numbers, grow their business or spend more time with their family.

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