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Making Insights Actionable: Truckstop.com Welcomes Noël Perry to the Team

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When Truckstop.com began its hunt for its chief economist role last fall, one name rose the top of the list: Noël Perry.

“We’ve had a long relationship with Noël,” said Truckstop.com CEO Paris Cole, “He’s been a keynote speaker at our user conference, he’s provided us with industry insights, and he’s a managing partner with FTR, whose forecasts and analysis we already rely on to help drive some of our products and services, particularly Spot Market Insights.”

A Harvard grad with over 30 years in senior research positions, including stints with companies like CSX, Cummins, and Schneider, Perry is also a regular commentator on outlets like Wired, Transport Topics, and The Wall Street Journal.

“People trust his view,” Cole said.

“When sources like US News or the JOC need a fresh take on driverless trucks, or rate trends, or the outlook for holiday truckload capacity, they reach out to Noël.”

When offered the position on the Truckstop.com team, Perry jumped at the opportunity. Perry will also continue consulting throughout the industry and in his work as a managing partner at FTR.

“One of the things that’s always attracted me to Truckstop.com has been their data,” Perry said. “Truckstop.com is a leader in industry-wide data, unlike a lot of other players in the market. A lot of people talk about data…but not many people quantify it. My specialty is translating industry data into insights the freight community can understand – information that truckers and fleets, 3PLs, these day-to-day workers can use.”

Perry understands the value of simplicity. Throughout his career, he’s trained his focus on analyzing the fundamentals of transportation demand, industry competition and operations, and providing straightforward takeaways. With a broad understanding of the market, he also frequently covers transport trends and topics across trucking, rail, barge, and the supplier sector.

“Our vision is to be the trusted partner that creates a better way for everyone in the freight community to grow and prosper,” said Cole. “That’s not lip service to us. It’s something we bake into our products, into the people we hire, the services we provide. So our data and the insights we provide need to be both trustworthy and actionable. That’s critical. Noël joining the team fits right into our vision.”

“In the next 15 years, we’re going to witness changes in freight not seen since the birth of the superhighway in the forties and fifties,” said Perry.

“I’m passionate about the future of freight and I’m excited to partner with Truckstop.com in finding better ways to utilize their data and create solutions across the industry.”

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