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A Trucker’s Weekly Planner
The Owner-Operator’s Weekly Planner

Smart trucking owner-operators make every single week as profitable as possible. This means looking at the advantages and disadvantages of every day of the week and planning your activities around those subtle changes.   Overall Planning Tips Match your trip length to the optimum day of the week Plan to deliver on the day you

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Becoming an Owner-Operator in Today's Market

There are growing reasons why company drivers often think about becoming independent owner-operators. The main draw is usually that independent drivers enjoy more freedom and set their own hours.According to ATBS, overall independent owner-operator net incomes have risen to the highest levels the organization has seen since it began tracking the averages 13 years ago.

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The successful freight broker’s guide to load tracking

It’s suggested that 87% of Shippers want to work with freight partners who provide freight visibility. Makes sense, right? I mean successful freight transactions don’t appear in a vacuum (not even when you’re brokering vacuums). Did you know Truckstop Pro broker users get free, unlimited load tracking? And if you’re not a Pro user, it’s

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Helpful Tips for Driving in Extreme Weather

If you’ve been driving for a while, you know that you have to change the way you drive in extreme weather conditions. It only takes one close call for even the most profit-driven truckers to surrender to the conditions and adopt new rules for being on the road during extreme cold or extreme heat. Driving

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What Shippers need to hear from Brokers
What Shippers Need to Hear from Brokers

As a freight broker, finding new shippers can be a challenge. The ones with the excellent reputations and constant volume typically have their existing lanes covered. Others have their own trucks. Many new brokers struggle to get on daily load lists, let alone on the phone with a shipper. So when you get the ear

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