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FMCSA Updates 2024: What Truckers Need to Know

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The FMCSA updates in 2024 include a series of changes and new initiatives that will impact the transportation industry. These updates include everything from process adjustments to revised licensing rules. Here, we outline the essential information you need to stay informed.

New registration system

Status: Rulemaking process under way, comment period ends June 18 

The FMCSA has admitted that its Unified Registration System (URS) is outdated, and criminals have been able to exploit the system to create false identities or present themselves as legitimate carriers and brokers. To crack down on fraud — and to reduce paperwork — the FMCSA announced in April that it plans to replace the URS with a new FMCSA Registration System (FRS); the comment period ends June 18.

The FRS would require new and existing registrants to prove their identity before accessing the system. And because registrants would enter their information digitally, the FRS would eliminate several forms, including the MCS-150.

Forms the FMCSA plans to eliminate with the new registration system

FMCSA Information Forms


The FRS will beef up security by implementing features including:

  • Mailing all PIN request forms to the applicant’s address on file and prohibiting these changes without verification.
  • Implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) to verify personal credentials
  • Requiring any individual who is requesting account changes to produce a driver’s license that matches the information on file

The new system will also include real-time data validation, using smart logic and edit checks.

Updates for New Entrant Safety Assurance

Status: Rulemaking announcement expected in July

The FMCSA is expected to publish a notice of proposed rulemaking in July that would strengthen requirements for the New Entrant Safety Assurance Program. Currently, new entrants (U.S. and Canada carriers applying for interstate operating authority) must complete this 18-month program that includes safety audits and compliance reviews.

The FMCSA is expected to propose requiring proficiency exams for new drivers to demonstrate knowledge of federal safety regulations.

Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse rule

Status: Final rule takes effect in November

As of November 18, 2024, truck drivers with a “prohibited” status in the FMCSA’s Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse will lose their CDL or CLP. Currently, drivers with prohibited status are not allowed to operate a commercial motor vehicle until completing a return-to-duty process, but they don’t automatically lose their license. The new rule compels State Driver Licensing Agencies (SDLAs) to revoke or deny CDLs and CLPs for prohibited drivers.

Drivers will still need to complete the return-to-duty process for reinstatement.

Speed limiter rule

Status: Unknown

The FMCSA has already missed two publication deadlines for a final rule that would require carriers to activate speed limiters for all CMVs with gross vehicle weight ratings exceeding 26,000 lbs. Currently, most heavy trucks on the roads already have CMVs, but they don’t control vehicle speed unless they’re “switched on.” 

Some industry professionals expected the FMCSA to publish the final rule in May. But as of May 24, the rule hadn’t moved onward to the final review process.

Autonomous trucks

Status: Final rule pending review

In April, the FMCSA sent its final rule to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs for review. If approved, the new rule would establish the first guidelines for autonomous CMVs operating at Level 4 (some remote or onboard human intervention required) and Level 5 (no human intervention required). 

Monitoring for new updates

Truckstop will continue watching for FMCSA updates in 2024. Check back here often for the news you need to know.

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